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Author: Troy Petrunoff

AngelHack Announces Nonprofits Supported by #ProjectWoAH: IGNITE and she++

AngelHack is proud to announce that beneficiaries for our ProjectWoAH campaign donation will including IGNITE Worldwide and She++. Every signup for our thunderclap here, will raise $10 to support these nonprofits ($5 each), up to $5,000. This is great way for you to help support girls and women in tech, simply by allowing us to post one tweet or facebook post to your account promoting our Women of AngelHack livestream Q&A! So what are you waiting for? Sign up here! To read more about the Women of AngelHack project, click here.

Introducing The Women Of AngelHack #ProjectWoAH

“Girls, who run this mothaf…?”. Billions shouted back “girls!”, and we at AngelHack were right there, shouting at the top of our lungs. Women run the world, and they run AngelHack too.

We operate in a developer-focused world, and have carved out our own space in a crowded landscape FILLED to the brim with largely male talent (just 20% of startups worldwide are founded by women, and overall representation of women in tech sits at about 26% in the U.S). 

Within a startup that organizes hackathons (events that on average have an 80% male demographic) it’s the women of AngelHack who make up two-thirds of the team and represent the majority of our ownership and leadership, that are really running the show. This is something special, something we want to share.

The Philosophy of Hacking

“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” ~Marcus Aurelius

It’s 3:00am. You’re slouched in your chair, tormented by the glare of your laptop screen, as it reminds you, beckons you – even taunts you – to finish what you started. But you’ve hit the wall, so to speak, and you’ve tried every way around, through or under it… and it won’t budge. Not even the dangerous amount of rapidly-chugged energy drinks coursing through your veins can keep you on task. You start to nod off, you check out; “Just a quick nap,” you think to yourself as you fade away.

Bay Area Students Face Off at the Accenture Hackathon Games

On a chilly, Saturday morning in San Francisco, the fog was just starting to clear, when the bus pulled up to PubNub’s downtown office. University students from Stanford, Berkeley, and Santa Clara filtered out of the bus and into the office, where they’d hack away for the next 24 hours, resolute and determined to win it all. The Accenture Hackathon Games were about to begin, and their schools’ very reputation was at stake.

So who won big? Who got their hands on the awesome prizes? Which school earned eternal bragging rights? We’ve got all your answer’s here, devs’!

Join the Condé Nast International Hackathon.

On November 22nd – 23rd, 2014 London developers will get a chance to work side by side with the talented developers of Condé Nast International and possibly get to see their prototype in action. AngelHack is inviting the best of the best hackers to take part in the Condé Nast International hackathon. You know who you are: you’ve got the technical skills, the design aesthetic, and you aren’t afraid to push the limits.