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Guest Post

Kicking off our AngelHack odyssey…in Austin, TX!

[Original post by Tyler Nappy, Developer Evangelist for HP Haven OnDemand.]

It says it all in the title – this past weekend, we kicked off our involvement in the AngelHack series of hackathons spanning 50 cities throughout the summer. We’re super excited to be a part of the upcoming AngelHack events, so keep a keen ear to the ground on projects and other stories this summer! Oh, and did I mention this past week was my first week here at HP as a Developer Evangelist! What better way to kick it off than heading down to the city of Austin in the Lone Star State for the first of many AngelHack hackathons to come.

Branch @ AngelHack SF: Huddle Wins!

This past weekend, Branch Metrics sponsored AngelHack’s SF hackathon. AngelHack is the pioneer in hosting innovation events and hackathons on a global scale. This year’s SF hackathon was held in MuleSoft’s beautiful office in downtown San Francisco. As if that wasn’t enough, MuleSoft even cleared out all their desks and workstations on the entire 4th floor, giving competitors access to their awesome monitors and ergonomic chairs.