Applying to AngelHack EDU


What kind of Applicants do you look for?

We do not have a specific criteria in which our applicants have to fit, as we believe in diverse backgrounds, personalities, and stages of experience. We analyze the eligibility of our applicants on a case by case basis – some may already have programming experience that they’d like to build on, while others may be new and looking to make a career change.

Most importantly, we are looking for individuals who are:

  • Passionate and persistent learners
  • True team players
  • Able to communicate with others


I am a beginner or I have ZERO coding experience. Should I still try?

Of course! We recommend applicants to refer to our Resources Section to teach themselves the necessary skills for completing our coding challenge (as part of the application process) in order to be considered. This will be challenging, but not impossible. In fact, you will impress us with your dedication and perseverance!

The important factor is to persevere and keep pushing through any and all challenges you face (there will be many).

With that said, prior industry or academic experience is not required, however, most applicants will benefit by gaining an understanding of the following resources:

Rome wasn’t built in a day and programming doesn’t entail mystical powers, so if you are truly determined we want you.

What is the admission process like?

You will begin by completing an online application that will allow us to get to know you better. You will then attempt a small coding challenge that will give us a glimpse of your current abilities. Prep materials for the coding challenge can be found in the Resources Section of the page.

After successfully submitting your application and coding challenge, we will review your submissions, and send you an email advising you on the next steps.

It is important to note that when reviewing your coding challenge, we will not be looking specifically for perfect code. Alternatively, we will be searching for the dedication that is translated through your work. Incomplete or partially incorrect answers will still receive points.

Any applicant that shows effort in their coding challenge will be considered.

Once accepted, you will be given additional resources and materials to help you prepare for the course. You will have one week to submit your $2,000 deposit to reserve a seat in our limited capacity classroom.


How can I prepare for the application, coding challenge, and interviews?

Please refer to the Resources Section which we have provided for you at the end of the page. The material found there should be sufficient to prepare you for the challenge.


If I’m accepted, how can I prepare for the program?

Once you have been accepted and have reserved your seat, you will receive an email with some prep work that you should complete prior to the first day of class. We estimate that this will take anywhere from 15 to 20 hours to complete.

Understanding is crucial to making sure you are ready to go on Day 1!

If you have extra time, covering the topics in the Resources Section of the page will also be very beneficial.

The Front-End Immersive Program


How much time am I expected to commit?

Technically, the program is scheduled 9AM – 6PM Monday through Saturday. However, we anticipate students to spend anywhere between 65 – 80 hours a week learning to code. It’s really up to you.


What is the daily schedule?

The day will start with announcements and a lecture followed by hands on programming. After lunch you will continue to work or have another short lecture followed by more hands on programming. Afternoons and evenings will vary from extra coding time, to guest speakers, to random Q&As, to game nights and activities.


What will I learn over 12 weeks?

After 12 intense and satisfying weeks you will have learned the essentials of web development fundamentals, and how to think like an engineer. You will emerge with the confidence to tackle new and old technical challenges that may have intimidated you before.

The first 8 weeks will be deep dives in to technology, computer science, javascript, different frameworks, and any other tools that are relevant. The final 4 weeks you will refine the skills you learned, work on a personal project with help from our instructors, and prepare yourself for work outside of AngelHack EDU.

Students will cover the following topics:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript (Native and frameworks)
  • Automation tools
  • Version Control
  • Responsive Design
  • Photoshop (catered for developers)

But remember, learning how to program is a lifelong endeavour and we urge you to continue learning the niche you are most passionate about.


What is the student to instructor ratio?

Our goal is to maintain a 8:1 student-instructor ratio depending on the day and the lesson. The maximum amount of students in each cohort is 20.


Am I guaranteed a job after taking AngelHack EDU?

Unfortunately, there is no way we can guarantee a job X days after ending the course. That being said, our goal is to help give you your best shot at getting a fresh start. We are not aiming to send you off at a Senior level but rather with a skillset better than that of an entry-level programmer.

In addition to covering the topics mentioned above (see list of topics), you will have the opportunity to interact and receive advice from Senior Web Developers, recruiters, hiring managers, and employers throughout the program. You will also have the opportunity to attend a Career Night held for the graduating cohort. During Career Night, you will meet and interact with select hiring companies in your city.


How will this program prepare me for getting a job?

We will help you build a foundation of the skill set required to become a web developer. But we don’t just teach how to code. We will also be integrating and building other highly desirable skills (soft skills) that are lacking in many of today’s developers.

We will also help critique your resumes and get your online resume and portfolio ready for potential employers.


When do classes start?

Classes are slated to start on the following dates for the 2015 year:

Cohort 1 – July 6, 2015   (15 students max)

Cohort 2 – August 24, 2015       (15 students max)

Cohort 3 – October 12, 2015         (16 students max)


Where is the class?

The class will be held at the Real Office Centers at 604 Arizona Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401.



How much does it cost and what does it cover?

The full-time immersive course is $14,250, less than the cost of a semester at a private university.

Upon acceptance, a $2,000 deposit will be required within 1 week to reserve a spot in our limited seated program.

Your tuition covers low student-to-instructor ratio, continuous curriculum development, new curriculum development, office space, operations, career services, alumni opportunities, and other general business expenses.

This also allows us to run the program for 12 weeks, 6 days per week, and provide you with a quality program.


Is there a payment plan?

A $2,000 deposit will be required within 1 week of being accepted to reserve a spot in our limited seating program.

Payment Plan 1

After the $2,000 deposit is received, if you pay the remaining balance before the first day of your cohort start date then you can automatically deduct $1,000 from the remaining balance for a final payment of $11,250.

Payment Plan 2

After the $2,000 deposit is received, you can pay $6,125 before the first day of your cohort start date and submit the final payment of $6,125 before your 5th week starts (after 4 weeks of instruction).


Is there financial aid?

Unfortunately, AngelHack does not offer student loans. However, we do have scholarships for single parents, veterans, and low income families. We recommend applying first and then we can explain our scholarships once we receive your information.


Do you support out of town applicants?

We are happy to welcome students from around the world into our elite program. Housing and other items (visas) will need to be taken care of by applicants.



The following resources will help you prepare for our application and in-person interviews.



Terminal Tutorials: Complete Intro, Tutorial 1, Tutorial 2, Tutorial 3, and Tutorial 4