Accelerators & Product Development

Custom Programs Designed to Realize Your Goals

We believe that generating ideas and allowing them to flourish enough to improve the bottom line or efficiency is at the heart of innovation. It is because of this that we have spent our time learning how to identify exceptional talent and using this talent as the builders of this process.


We have worked with major corporations, built countless teams and we have our own internal portfolio to prove it. Whether your end goal is to build a product, provide in-house incubation, or build your own portfolio of technologies to best suit you, we are here to help you in every way.

Rapid Prototyping & Design Thinking

As milestones approach, sprints are a great way to move the needle, and we’re well versed on how to organize and motivate your community to come together and focus on a common goal.

Curriculum Design

Perpetual disruption is the new norm, so staying up to date on the most current trends, technologies, and how they are being applied is imperative. Developers need to have all the tools and information to succeed and we can help you put a system, resources, and programs in place to stay informed and learn.

Accelerator & Incubation Programs

AngelHack offers end-to-end accelerator & incubation development and management services that are customized to your strategic needs.

Change Management

We know that it is not always enough to build products through rapid prototyping or develop them through incubation, we also need to be able to integrate those changes, and new ideas back into a corporation. Here at AngelHack, we are here to help you reach that larger goal.

Portfolio Management

Let us help you to manage these products, these technologies. A future that works for you. Whether it is drawing partnerships between your product and the wider market, or helping strategize used cases internally, we have experience doing all of it.

Here's What Our Clients Say About Us

  • AngelHack gives me the chance to fulfill my goal of empowering women in technology. As a female who has been programming and designing algorithms for a decade, I’m motivated to spread the love for science and technology. It turns out in return that I learnt so much about innovation and gained so much passion while running hackathons and the community.

    Yaoli Wang
    Yaoli Wang AngelHack Ambassador, Beijing
  • "AngelHack took our idea from an interesting opportunity to a wildly successful reality. Their expertise and professionalism made our first time hack a world class experience"

    Phil Wiser
    Phil Wiser CTO Hearst Corporation
  • "AngelHack appeared at a good time in my life, challenged me, taught me, led me to innovate, I won AngelHack at some point and everything I learned with it changed me to be better and impact the lives of others. Now as an Ambassador, I can motivate more people from my country and the world to do the same and be better."

    Karolina Ladino
    Karolina Ladino AngelHack Ambassador, Bogota

The Premier Innovation Management Agency

We’ve been trusted by more that 250+ corporations, government entities, and nonprofits from around the globe and have a proven track record of stellar execution. Our clients are visionaries and pioneers, dedicated to pushing the boundaries fo what’s possible.


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