Hanoi: June 15-16,2019 | Ho Chi Minh: June 22-23, 2019

AngelHack Vietnam Hackathon 2019

Innovators Are Rising

What is AngelHack?

AngelHack’s Global Hackathon Series is a global innovative competition that have been held in 106 cities in 65 countries and created startup more than 115 companies around the world. Angelhack gathers the eager groups of people who are CODERS, BUSINESS, and DESIGNERS to invent the new and make change happen, together. Each group contains specialized in each fields and they will be provided only two days to make their wish innovation happen. Within these two days, there will be plenty of knowledge pooling-, real business model and strategies, and actual creations of minimal viable product (MVP). Finally, all candidates pitch their innovations to expert and specialized judges.

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Challenges & Prizes

We offer our own Grand Prize AND team up with awesome sponsors who have their own challenges and prizes you can go after. Aiming for the HACKcelerator invite? Only in it for some cool hardware? Good news, you can go for as many challenges as you want!

Who Can Participate

One principle that has guided this community since its first Hackathon is that everyone is welcome. Great ideas stem from discussion, and we believe the best discussions start by talking to someone whose background or experiences might differ from your own. With this in mind, we invite all startups, developers, entrepreneurs, and designers who are passionate about creating to join regardless of experience level, geographic location, or similar factors. And if you’re under 18 we ask that you bring along a parent or guardian when you check-in so they can sign a participation waiver.


Challenges & Prizes

We offer our own Grand Prize AND team up with awesome sponsors who have their own challenges and prizes you can go after. Aiming for the HACKcelerator invite? Only in it for some cool hardware? Good news, you can go for as many challenges as you want!

AngelHack Challenge: Challenge yourself and your entrepreneurial spirit. Make something innovative without limits, something that brings positive change to the world, even something that solves a small problem. It’s that simple.

AngelHack Prize: The winning team from each hackathon will receive $500and an invite into AngelHack’s HACKcelerator program.

Challenge: Use AWS Amplify to build a mobile or web application that connects to at least one AWS service. To get started with AWS Amplify and for a curated list of tools, tutorials, and example projects, check out Awesome AWS Amplify. For a list of resources to get started with AWS, check out our AWS Hackathon Guide.

Prize: The best working mobile or web app that connects to at least one AWS service will win one (1) custom AWS-branded mechanical keyboard (104-key, Cherry MX Browns!) per team member and $1,000 in AWS credits for the team.

All attendees will also receive $100 in AWS credits during the Hackathon

Challenge: Get started for the 2019 Call for Code Global Challenge by building an application using cloud, data, analytics, AI, IoT, blockchain to improve natural disaster preparedness, response, or recovery focused on the health and well-being of individuals and communities. Join the Call for Code community at then use this visual recognition drone lab as a starting point to kickstart your solution

Prize: One winning submitted project will receive $1k per team and $500/month IBM cloud credits per team member for 6 months


1. Idea

Start off by pitching ideas from every candidates; candidates are provided 30 seconds to share their ideas about invention. The interesting ideas will get people and forms groups to create a MVP.

2. Team

Each candidate has to vote interesting ideas, which can be from him/herself or other candidates, 6 to 8 ideas. The highest voted ideas will be contributed and deloped to be practical MVP within 2 days.

3. Coach

Right after the teams are formed, excitement is about to happen. The stimulation of creating a startup in order to product actual product and service requires marketing strategies. Therefore, there will be gurus an dexperts to advice and give feedback to candidates.

4. Pitch

On the final day at AngelHack, all candidates groups presents and show what innovative creations they have been works on the judges. Finally, the winner teams will get unexpected valuable prizes!


Day 1 – Saturday

09:00 AM: Doors Open to Attendess
10:00 AM: Start the event
10:30 AM: Sponsor Talks and Team Pitches
12:00 PM: Hackathon begins
02:00 PM: Lunch
02:00 PM: Sponsor breakout sessions
07:00 PM: Special Mentoring session

Day 2 – Sunday

08:00 AM : Breakfast
12:00 PM : Lunch
01:00 PM : Code Freeze & Submission Deadline on
01:30 PM : A/V Check
02:00 PM : Demos
04:00 PM : Winners are Announced / Prizes!


1. Idea

All candidates are given only 30 seconds to show their ideas to the judges and other candidates. Thus, a well preparation is needed! However, we do only support new ideas and innovations, not a copied one!

2. Team

AngelHack is a two-day event that candidates need to spend times working on their creation at the provided place. We allow candidates to go their homes at night and come back on the next day, but for whom who wants to stay over the night, there is no problem! We just want all candidate to spend their time efficiently in AngelHack.

3. Learn

The best part of this event is there will be gurus, experts and specialized who success in their business to be coaches and judges at AngelHack. Thus, this is a great opportunity for all candidates!

4. Make new friends

This is a very good opportunity to make new friends who probably be your future business partners. Every candidates in the AngelHack are skillful and capable, so please be oopen to make friends with other candidates.

Judging Criteria

Each submission will be scored in each round based on the following criteria with a minimum score of 0 and a maximum score of 25 points, with the final score being the average of the judges’ scores:

  • Fundability: How fundable is this idea? Is there potential for a sustainable business model? Is this scalable? (0-5 points)
  • Execution: How well was the project executed and explained? Did they add a demo video? (0-5 points)
  • UI/UX: Beyond design, was the end-to-end user experience for the solution considered? (0-5 points)
  • Originality: How original, creative or unique is the idea? Is there a competitive advantage? (0-5 points)
  • Team: Is there a diverse team presented? Do they have a range of complementary skill sets for the project? (0-5 points)

To see the full rules and eligibility criteria, please check out the Participation Agreement.



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