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AngelHack Global Hackathon

Series: Nairobi

March 23, 2017 at 9:00 AM - March 24, 2016 at 6:00 PM

Strathmore University - Madaraka Estate, Nairobi City, Kenya

A Welcome Note

Over the years we’ve seen teams of coders, designers and entrepreneurs from around the world become Whole Developers, watched as their Thoughts Become Things, and proved that Anyone Can Code. We’ve seen the code commit moment over and over again. The “oh sh*t I hope this works” moment. The moment where you know your hopes and dreams of winning that prize, that spot in the accelerator, that idea validation, are all on the line.


So, for our 10th Global Hackathon Series, we’re asking you to Commit To Your Code, and in turn commit to your project, a global ecosystem, yourself, your team, and your future.


#AH10 is here.

Challenge & Prizes

Let’s face it, prizes just make hackathons more fun. That’s why each year, we team up with our sponsors to bring you an awesome set of prizes. Don’t forget, we’ll also be announcing more closer to the event!


Grand Prize: An exclusive invite to our HACKcelerator

A 12-week Curriculum to turn your hackathon idea into a startup reality
A diverse network of both local and global mentors
Weekly guest speakers
A chance to fly to Silicon Valley for our Annual Global Demo Day and participate in a week of extensive pitch training!


Amazon Web Services

Prize: $200 in AWS Credits per person through AWS Activate

Link: https://pages.awscloud.com/hack17angel.html


JUMO / GSMA Challenge:

  • Build the best Online Merchant Payment
    • Implement a merchant payment to communicate with the Mobile Money API
    • Bonus points for use of Identity Trust via a third party (IDP, OAuth, SAML Assertion, MS ADFS, OpenID, Amazon Cognito, Mobile Connect serve as examples)
    • (web/native/ussd)
  • Create a new payments experience: Mobile app, QR code or NFC
    • Use device centric hardware to innovate and streamline a user experience that uses the Mobile Money API to complete an action
    • Examples include Bluetooth, NFC, Location Services and QR codes
    • (native/web)
  • Build a new interface for mobile money account management and payments to various partners
    • MSISDN and associated balance to be established and maintained by the developed solution/product or its’ services
    • Facilitating payments to different vendors of different verticals (utility bills, vendor balance top ups, pay for a transport service… ) is encouraged
    • (web/native/ussd)
  • Best Innovative Business Product Overall


JUMO / GSMA Prizes

  • AWS credits 1K, 500, 250
  • Lego Sets – Big, M & Small
  • Tickets to M360 Dar Es Salaam

Facebook Messenger Challenge (up to 3 per team only!)

The Bots for Messenger Developer Challenge is looking for the most innovative bots on Messenger in MEA focused on:

  • Gaming and Entertainment
  • Productivity and Utility
  • Social Good



All going for this challenge encouraged to attend the FB Messenger Session Wednesday the 22nd 4-6PM and/or 6-9PM http://nairobitechweek.com/#schedule


Some other materials to help you get started with the FB Messenger Challenge:

  • Go through “m.me/thefacebot” Bot Building Tutorial
  • Intro to Bots



  • Top 5 teams: 1 bag of Facebook swag and goodies for each member of the top 5 Bot teams
  • 1st and 2nd placed teams: Extra facebook swag and goodies for the top 2 teams + 1 hour of Facebook mentorship to refine the bot
  • 1st team: Extra facebook swag for the top placed team + 1 additional hour of Facebook mentorship to refine bot + Gear VR and Mobile phone set for each member of the winning team.


ALL hackathon teams eligible for larger Messenger Challenge running until April 28:

  • one of the 3 first place cash prizes of $20 000
  • one of the 3 runner up cash prizes of $10 000
  • one of the 30 finalist prizes of a Gear VR and mobile phone
  • up to $40,000 USD in tools and services from com
  • hours of Facebook mentorship to refine their Messenger Bot

Why AngelHack?

By hacking at an AngelHack hackathon, you are joining our global community of over 120,000 developers, designers and entrepreneurs who are committed to bettering the world, their city, themselves, or just simply competing for fun prizes.


All ages, genders, and skill levels are welcome. Come solo or in a team of up to five, and spend the weekend learning new skills, meeting your local tech community and tech sponsors, enjoying free food, and more.

Commit To Your Cause

Code For A Cause is welcoming nonprofits worldwide to join us at our 10th Global Hackathon Series, to inspire our global community to leverage their skills for good and give back to their local communities.


We’ll be rolling out the AngelHack-red carpet for nonprofits at each and every event, all we ask in return is that the nonprofits create a challenge to inspire our hackers! To nominate your nonprofit, please fill out this form. Selections will be accepted on a rolling basis.


Day 1

9:00 AM : Doors Open & Breakfast
10:30 AM : Opening Ceremony & Sponsor Welcomes
12:00 PM : Coding Kick Off
1:00 PM : Lunch
2:00 PM : Sponsor Breakout Sessions
7:00 PM : Dinner
10:00 PM : Pitch Workshop
12:00 AM : Create project profile on hackathon.io, final submission due 1:00 PM, Day 2

Day 2

8:00 AM : Breakfast
12:00 PM : Lunch
1:00 PM : Code Freeze & Submission Deadline on hackathon.io
1:30 PM : A/V Check
2:00 PM : Demos

Day 3

6:00 PM : AngelHack Winners Announced as part of Closing Keynote

Hackathon Rules:

We know some rules are meant to be broken, but you should probably (read: definitely) stick by these:


1.Fresh Code
We all start coding at the same time. This is done to keep things fair. No one is allowed to come in and build on top of previous projects. It’s cool to work on designs beforehand, digital mockups, open source frameworks, and anything else available to everyone, but keep things within fair limits.

2. Code Review
Winning teams may be subject to a code-review at some point following the event or immediately before winning. This is to ensure that all code used is in fact fresh.

3. Ownership and IP
Teams have full ownership of everything they build at our events and are free to do with it as they wish.

4. Team Size
No more than five people.

5. Submissions
Each hackathon has its individual hackathon.io page where projects will be submitted. Instructions will arrive in your inbox during the hackathon, and will be gone over during the event.

6. DEMO your Hack
You must demo your hack in order to present. No slide-decks or Powerpoints will be allowed. Two minute presentation and one minute Q&A from Judges.


Be cool to your fellow hackers! Check out the Code of Conduct if you need help knowing what that means 😉


What should I build?
Depends on what challenge (or how many) you’re going after! Study the challenges and use those as your guideposts. Try to build a hack that people can use, enjoy, and you can scale. Most importantly, have fun with it and try to finish on time. We know you can only do so much in 24 hours, so it’s ok if your project is not perfect (yet).


Who can attend?
Anyone and everyone! Our attendees typically consist of junior developers looking to improve their skills, senior developers looking to expand their horizons, students, designers of all skill-sets, and serious entrepreneurs that can add value to teams. Bring your idea and let’s go!


Are there travel stipends?
Unfortunately, we cannot provide travel stipends for our Global Series.


In this day and age of #selfies and #squad photos, it’s likely that photos and/or video will be taken at the event. By entering the venue, you’re giving us the OK to snap photos and post to social media.

For more info, don’t hesitate to visit our website www.angelhack.com or hit us up at info@angelhack.com.


How is the hackathon judged?
Let’s be honest, y’all can do better than powerpoints. Which is why we rock with live DEMOS only! You use a powerpoint, you won’t win. To win an AngelHack hackathon, you will have to demo your product for at least 30 seconds, but don’t worry if your project is still not 100% perfected. Projects will be judged based on the following criteria:


Execution: How well did the team execute and explain their problem? Did they demo a working solution?

Impact: How impactful will this be to the products customer base?

Originality: How original is this idea?

Design: How well is the idea designed? How is the look and feel and UX/UI of the solution?

Scalability: How scalable is this solution?

Photography & Videography

In this day and age of #selfies and #squad photos, it’s likely that photos and/or video will be taken at the event. By entering the venue, you’re giving us the OK to snap photos and post to social media.


For more info, don’t hesitate to visit our website www.angelhack.com or hit us up at info@angelhack.com.


Nekesa Were

Director of Platform Services, iHub Nairobi

Robert Yawe

Managing Director, KAY System Technologies Limited

Savannah Kunovsky

CTO at Moringa School

Gunnar Camner

Mobile Money Services Director, Mobile Money at GSMA

Sherry Dzinoreva

Public Policy Programs Manager, Africa–Facebook


To Be Announced


Jeffrey Nyauke


In Friendship With