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Author: matt

AngelHack in Latin America: Salsa, Samba & Startups

When discussing global startup hubs, one cannot overlook Latin America. Yeah, there haven’t been many “unicorns” (startups that surpass the one billion dollar evaluation mark) emerging out of the region, and only a few cities have established a global presence in the tech world. Either way, that doesn’t mean there isn’t something brewing here. 

5 Tech Gadgets To Take When “Hacking” On Your Next Adventure

You learn a lot while traveling. It’s almost always a great experience, and most of the time you’ll learn from various mistakes you make somewhere in between spontaneity and adventure. It’s important to go offline.To, you know, “shut down”, but preparation is key when traveling abroad.Here are a few must-haves that saved my ass abroad.

Cuba: Searching for network…

“Wait, are you serious…”

“You’re saying that you build your ‘apps’ offline, run to a local wifi ‘hotspot’, and pay 2 CUC an hour just to test the code before you bring it back over here?”

“Si…it’s what you have to do here in Cuba.”

Matt Meets Asia: Tokyo Edition!

In the land of the rising sun, respect, tradition, and attention to detail are common practice. Japan has always been an economic powerhouse in our global marketplace with innovative brands like Sony, Toyota, and Nintendo around since the 1980s. In 2015, we’re waiting to see what is next. In a great position to scale out a product or service to a global audience, the younger generation is looking into startup culture to move the economy forward in this new day and age.