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Author: Troy Petrunoff


Announcing AngelHack Dubai 2014: Dubai’s Startup Scene & What You Need to Know

Don’t know much about the Dubai tech and startup scene? Well, fear not. Just in time for our 1st AngelHack Dubai hackathon, we sat down with Sameer Sortur, AngelHack’s Dubai Ambassador and Director of Operations and Revenue Growth at the Innovation 360 Institute (i360), an innovation consulting firm that also runs the i360 Accelerator, a Dubai-based accelerator and seed funding program which has backed several Dubai startups, including Ta3rifah (which tracks customer loyalty) and Asly (which helps consumers detect counterfeit products).

The “Whole Developer”

The Whole Developer is a concept in which we teach developers, designers and business people how to become more balanced and well-rounded human beings. We focus on the art of communication, team building and the importance of mindfulness and emotional intelligence. In a nutshell, we’re not...