A Q&A With The Designer Of Our #AH8 Series T-Shirt – Jarz

If you’re reading this, there is a good chance you’ve been to a hackathon or two in your life. And if that’s the case, there’s a realllllly good chance you have a few t-shirts from those events in your closet.

An AngelHack hackathon is no different. We don’t like letting people leave empty handed.

So now, with our 2015 Global Hackathon Series about to start, we decided: Hey. These guys and girls are gonna be wearing the event shirts, let’s give them the opportunity to design what it looks like.

The following submission and voting process brought some of the highest engagement we saw on our Facebook page. Seriously. It was epic to watch the likes and comments role in.

giphy (31)

And if you missed it, the winning design is pretty fricking great. Way more creative that what we were sketching before we opened this up to you guys.

It takes an awesome person to come up with such an awesome design. Oh, and did we mention the winning prize was an Oculus Rift? Those are always fun!

Here’s my quick Q&A with Jarz Rainwater.


What was your inspiration/thought process behind the design of your winning t-shirt design?

The theme actually reminded me of another drawing I’d done a couple years ago celebrating digital media’s versatility as a conduit for human creativity. I remember the first time I ever coded something and watched as writing on an editor transformed into SOMETHING at the click of a button. It was like alchemic magic. I applied the same relationship to how AngelHack is this incredible catalyst for reaching out all over the world to help great ideas become even greater realizations.

Do you have design experience?

Yes. Art was always a hobby of mine, and when I went to the Georgia Institute of Technology, I had the privilege of taking really fantastic art design theory and digital media project studios as part of the Computational Media program. I run a side business of contracting out my design services, and several of those projects were t-shirt designs.

Have you ever been to an AngelHack event? Which one?

Yes! We had one in Atlanta in 2013.

What was your favorite part?

I love the energy of Hackathons. It’s so much fun to be surrounded by people who are so passionate about creating. It’s absolutely intoxicating.