BITCOIN!!! Don’t miss out… AGAIN!!

We feel your pain, brah. You didn’t jump in on Bitcoin when the exchange rate was still in the single digits. Womp womp. Well, we got a way you can get your hands on one without having to fork over the cash…

If you have an idea for the most innovative, game changing way to drive Bitcoin forward, then use Bitcore to build your AngelHack app and your team could win 5 BITCOINS!

We’re not talkin pennies here, people. As of right now, that’s like $430, but in the future… who knows!

If you use the BitPay Payment Gateway API in your app, you could win a free year of BitPay services (think PayPal for BitCoin), mentorship opportunities, and possibly a seat on BitPay’s advisory board.

A job.. Money… You’re welcome.

Oh what to do with all those bitcoins… WELL, you can buy almost anything with Bitcoin these days, from a car to a sandwich. But you just can’t make it rain in the club… or can you? Imagine this, the crowd holding their iPhones in the air to catch the bitcoins you just made rain. Oh, you didn’t know? Nerds are the new rockstars. Welcome to the 21st century.

GET PUMPED – but hurry, space is running out fast! Sign up today, and get in on those shiny BITCOINS!

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