From Hackathon To HACKcelerator: Meet The Teams

It’s about that time. We’ve been talking about (our pre-accelerator) the HACKcelerator launch for a couple of weeks now but we left out one key detail. THE TEAMS!

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All of these teams attended one of our global series hackathons, kicked ass and won their respective event, receiving an invitation into the HACKcelerator. Over the next 12 weeks they will learn how to turn their project into a full fledged startup through our curriculum, with the help of local and global mentors.

Starting August 1st our batch will begin the rigorous grind of our pre-accelerator in hopes of making it to our annual Global Demo Day. (Check out these past teams who went from GDD to startup success.) We are extremely proud of the awesome teams we have this year, and they hail from all corners of the globe with incredibly diverse and inspiring ideas.

So without further adieu, AngelHack presents the 9th Global Series victors entering the HACKcelerator.

North America

Jarvis from San Francisco — Uses Alexa to make delivery services command based rather than interacting with a screen from Austin — Machine learning automated sales company. They want a call center type of work environment where their machine learning software will create full solutions.

Genii from Washington DC — Customer facing product that helps visually impaired individuals find indoor points of interest

What’s That from Seattle — App for consumers with food allergies, parents with kids that have food allergies, consumers who are concerned about what they’re putting into their bodies.

Advendetour from Montreal — Builds personalized road-trip itinerary by giving suggestions on places to stop between Point A and Point B

mAIgic from Toronto — Uses image capturing to describe the objects around the user.

SafeRoute from Los Angeles — Uses pre-existing crime data to create the safest possible route for walking home

Brainy map from Manhattan — News app that gives you information based on GeoLocation

StudyLex from Cincinnati — Interactive learning tool that delivers content orally

Nomad from Silicon Valley — Identifies a product in seconds from taking a picture and pulls information instantly from the internet.


PITCH: Pharmacy from Manila — Online exam review app that uses a multitude of different modes to maximize learning

HopeLab from Cagayan De Oro — A donation management platform that prioritises importance

Writio from Hong Kong — Simplifies essay writing process for students from Surabaya — Crowdfunding platform that enables people to come together to invest in property in Indonesia

Kraud from Kuala Lumpur — Creating a streamlined, engaging and interactive approach/solution to event planning

Kenko from Taipei — Anytime, anywhere elder-care assistant

BeBest from Bangkok — Online web-application crowdfunding platform for educating talented youth

Xpose from Sydney — Virtual sales agent that connects designers to the right retailers

Safety Live Camera from Tokyo — A 360 degree camera app that allows users to eliminate objects from view

Kid News from Ho Chi Minh — Improves the reading behavior of kid by converting daily news to a easy-to-understand for kid, and provide them interaction with those news

Divided By Zero from Manila 2015 — AI that recommends daily drinks based on dietary regimen

Middle-East & Africa

SmartSpot from Dubai — creates a platform for people to rent out their mobile data

Afraan from Amman — Platform for home-made food sellers to market their meals

ReportTaka from Nairobi — Crowdsourcing garbage collection from mobile application

Homee from Gaza — Marketplace for homemade food makers to sell and ship their products to consumers

BareedEE from Ramallah — Dashboard for small businesses and courier companies to get packages from point A to point B easily

Kart Coin from Kigali — Customer Statistics for Small Businesses

South Asia

Arsenic from Delhi — Search engine for the 21st century

Dot Player from Manipal — By using a specific movement or gesture a TV viewer can access information from a commercial while still watching their media.

Spinaxon from Mumbai — Detection of Child Pornography getting uploaded on video hosting websites

HypeHash from Colombo — Utilizes trending hashtags to invoke people to create and sell products using pre-made templates

Sloop from Jaipur — Uses machine learning to analyze a room and create analytics from it

Latin America

Mimimi from São Paulo — An anonymous Social Media network that allows you to complain about your daily life and uses AI to receive responses. Also uses geo location to update community about complaints in a specific area

Casera from Quito — Portal for at home chefs to sell their food through a order and delivery systems

SlackBox from Bogotá — Slack plugin that allows users to do simple commands like save, star, and search.

Wappy from Lima — Machine learning tech that examines child development and predicts physical growth and recommends eating and sleeping habits through pictures.

FitUp from San Pedro Sula — Online business center for trainers and fitness customers to connect and build workout plans


Find Attraction from Moscow — Chat bot that provides information on a place based on an image

Stop Crawl from Innopolis — convert publicly available data to be easily accessible by programs/APIs and converts static data into feed

StorySake from London — Web application that prompts recorded memories to alzheimers patients using machine learning

DoodleScript from Berlin — Virtually connects devices through drawing on a screen

StreetCleaner from Saint Petersburg — An application that allows users to send in images of spam advertisement which is then sent to a network that stops the spam.

Code 4 Impact Teams

Dr. Dick from San Francisco — Informative health care app that gives information about STD’s and AIDS as well as makes recommendations for doctors and services services.

T-X-T MD from Toronto — provides critical health services to disadvantaged groups, and then uses that data to detect an epidemic before it spreads or track it in real time

Zidisha Impact Analytics from Los Angeles — Uses segment analysis from comments by borrowers and loan lenders as a metric to measure and generate a score.

We are pumped to see what these teams can do over the next 12 weeks. Be sure to check our their progress and updates on Twitter using #HACKcelerator16

And stay tuned, info about this year’s Global Demo Day is coming soon. You won’t want to miss it, especially if you like to be at the forefront of emerging startups.

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