HACKcelerator: Meet the Champs

11058695_1017187764992853_5104598276623305777_nOver the last few weeks we’ve been telling you about the much-anticipated kick off of our 2015 HACKcelerator. Well, as of this past Monday, our teams have officially entered FULL grind mode and have been working hard to get a headstart on the game. And today, ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to officially introduce our 2015 HACKcelerator batch to you.

This is our biggest, most diverse group yet, and we cannot be more excited to be working with these bright minds for the next 12 weeks. So without further ado, we present to you the champions of our Global Series and our 2015 HACKcelerator teams:

  1. DriveWay from Sydney: The app that connects the vacant car space at your home to the driver looking to park their car.
  2. Blink from Austin: A livestream speed dating mobile application that encourages people to build genuine relationships based on personality not just physical appearance.
  3. Wrappup from Dubai: A cloud based tool that maximizes productivity for results-oriented meetings.
  4. BoxTrip from Mexico City: A web platform, for both customers and service providers, that provides hassle-free quotations and hiring of moving services.
  5. One-Day Trip from Shenzhen: An app to plan your trips based on your personal preferences.
  6. Fifth Eye from Bangalore: An augmented reality, note taking app which puts back the “personal” in personal sticky notes.
  7. Zeene from Krakow: An app that allows users to exchange information with others nearby using BLE technology.
  8. VGuide from Hyderabad: An app that allows you to take personal tours, discovering points of interest that others recommend while adding your flavor with personal recommendations.
  9. Versus from Barcelona: A geo-localized, interactive trivia game that allows you to ask and answer questions and matches you with friends with similar interests.
  10. QuantiScience from Montreal: B2B solutions for increasing workplace efficiency and productivity through a better and smarter understanding of employee stress levels using wearables
  11. SavePoint from Boston: An app that brings party building from online multiplayer games into real life, helping you find and meet fellow event goers to split hotel costs and organize logistics.
  12. HashHelp from Toronto: An online, collaborative Q&A platform bridging the gap between students, educators, and institutes.
  13. Wordiem from LA: A vocabulary expander that takes any body of text and keeps track of the vocabulary you don’t know and the words you are learning.
  14. Prsley from Bangkok: The simplest tool for designing and creating personal websites
  15. Lensodth also from Bangkok: A community, tool, and middleman between musicians and venues.
  16. CultureGuru from Kuala Lampur: A multi-functional m-commerce platform building and enhancing people’s connection with their culture.
  17. Chestream from Delhi: A social network for video streaming
  18. Plain Exchange from Hong Kong: An app providing Peer to Peer currency exchange solution for university students.
  19. Newsense from London: A comprehensive tool for sentiment analysis.
  20. Whereisit from Brooklyn: An extension that helps you easily find the references on repositories for easy, hassle free code navigation on GitHub.
  21. DietScope from Zurich/Munich: An augmented reality for grocery shopping that quickly informs you whether a product fits your dietary needs.
  22. Notary from Manhattan: A smarter way of signing documents using your finger and blockchain technology.
  23. AppKeep from Moscow: A platform keeping all your home appliance needs at hand – from instructions to warranty to technical support and everything in between.
  24. InfiniteLoops from Bogota: A platform that helps developers deploy any type of code periodically – whether every minute, day, week, or year – without worrying about infrastructure.
  25. Kakushika from Tokyo: A communication management tool for enterprises, creating innovative knowledge management.
  26. Gjob from Vietnam: A freelancer network targeted at the Call Center industry
  27. RELIoT from San Pedro Sula: A hardware & software solution preventing faults in industrial electric motors.
  28. AtumSoft from Cincinnati: A thin client system revolutionizing the way laboratory instruments are connected.
  29. AirQuail from Silicon Valley: An affordable IoT device that monitors the environment’s air quality
  30. Smart Gym from San Francisco Levi’s IoT hackathon: An app that connects to IoT gym machines and free weights to track workouts, give feedback, and motivate users.
  31. MutualFarm from Kochi: An e-commerce website, exclusively for organic products with a portal to crowdfund agriculture and contract farming.
  32. Codeorb from Vizag: A service for developers to monitor, track, fix and deploy fixes to crashes in their apps, live.
  33. BizCollab from San Francisco’s Small BizDev hackathon: A platform promoting collaboration among small businesses, by helping them find potential partnerships efficiently.
  34. SocialFinder from San Francisco’s Small BizDev hackathon: A product that efficiently analyzes potential employees’ social and online behavior to determine if they’re a good fit for the company.
  35. SlimSpace from DC’s Small BizDev hackathon: A co-working reservation system that allows organizations to lease their space on a temporary basis.


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