Meet the Hearst Immersive Hack: Co-presented by Made in NY Media Center By IFP

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Immerse yourself (see what we did there 😉 ) in the next great hackathon to hit the NYC area.

Dun dun dunnnnn, meet the Hearst Immersive Hack: Co-presented by Made in NY Media Center By IFP! It’s super excited to meet you too!

The hackathon is gonna be focused on AR, VR, and IoT techs and attendees will have access to the latest and greatest SDKs and tools from some epic disruptive companies in the field. It’s gonna take place in NYC on October 24th-25th at the Made in NY Media Center HQ in Dumbo, Brooklyn. 30 John St, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

There’s two hacktastic challenges for attendees to tackle:

  1. The fresh code challenge will allow hackers to bring their greatest ideas to this hackathon to create something unique and cutting-edge focused in AR, VR and IoT.
  1. The start-up challenge will allow you to integrate the Hearst API and immersive technology into your existing business plan to create a hack that is innovative and focused in AR, VR, and IoT. Challengers on this track will also compete to pitch their startup idea to Hearst CTO Phil Wiser and a panel of other influential leaders.

And there’s gonna be some top-notch prizes, including $10k in cash!

Check out the event and get tickets here:

(and use the code AngelNews for free tix!)

Get ready to hack!

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