Reactivating Our Vancouver Community At Lighthouse Labs


We are beyond excited to be working with Lighthouse labs during our Lady Problems Global Series! Canada will always have a special place in AngelHack’s heart and these folk have graciously worked with us to bring you all a sick venue in Vancouver!

Their space is not only warm and welcoming, but it is absolutely the perfect place for a hackathon! Developers use this space on the regular and they put it a ridiculous amount of effort to make their space accommodating for all you computer addicts.


This space is more than just 4 walls though, the work that lighthouse labs does is also truly spectacular.

They’re an immersive, modern approach to teaching web and mobile software development. They created a one-of-a-kind hands on curriculum built by a community of industry experts. They basically internalize the idea of building a program by the people, for the people.

The program focuses on transforming passionate people into agile programmers and maintain unprecedented employment rates, and has graduated over 350 students into amazing careers.

Most importantly they are committed to maximizing the potential of developers and getting them out into the world and killing it! #MicDrop


We cannot wait to see you all in Vancouver on November 12-13th! If you haven’t snagged your ticket just yet then head on over to our website here

See ya soon!