The Global Hackathon Series goes to Bangalore 🇮🇳

Get ready to dive into an exciting adventure of innovation and collaboration in a place like no other, Bangalore! Join us at the second stop of The Global Hackathon Series and let your creativity and ingenuity shine in a hackathon like no other.

What’s happening! 🚀

This time, the beautiful city of Bangalore plays host to hackbangalore at the Microsoft Corporate, Prestige Business Park. With themes focusing around Financial Inclusion, Social Responsibility, and Digital Empowerment, this hackathon promises to be a melting pot of ideas aimed at addressing some of society’s most pressing issues.

Exploring hackbangalore: Where Creativity Meets Dedication

Meet Our Sponsors: Microsoft & Heineken Bangalore

We’re thrilled to announce Microsoft and Heineken Bangalore as our City Partners for hackbangalore! Microsoft, a global technology giant, and Heineken Bangalore, a leading name in the beverage industry, join us in powering this event. With their combined expertise and resources, hackbangalore promises to be an unforgettable experience filled with innovation and collaboration.

Community Partners: Driving Innovation and Collaborative Efforts

hackbangalore is grateful for the invaluable support of our respected community partners. We’re thrilled to extend a warm welcome to our Community Partners: Women who Go, Flutter Hyderabad, The Phoenix Guild Karnataka, St. Joseph’s College of Engineering, Bizarre Coders, and Mentorle. We’re incredibly grateful for their support as we embark on this journey of technological innovation in Bangalore.

Themes: Driving Innovation & Impact

At the heart of hackbangalore are three compelling themes that capture the urgent challenges and opportunities of today’s world:

Social Responsibility

Dive into the heart of societal challenges and explore innovative solutions that promote community growth and ethical values. Together, we can pave the way for a better tomorrow by tackling issues that matter most.


Digital Empowerment

Harness the power of technology to create new opportunities for empowerment and interaction. Whether it’s through cutting-edge software or innovative hardware, there’s no limit to what we can achieve when we work together.

Financial Inclusion

Break down barriers to economic participation and ensure that everyone has access to financial services. Develop solutions that empower individuals and communities to build financial stability and thrive in the digital age.


Prize Pool

Get ready to be blown away by the spectacular grand prize awaiting you at The Global Hackathon Series circuit—a mind-blowing USD $180,000! It’s an opportunity of a lifetime to not only make a significant impact with your innovative solutions but also to secure a substantial financial reward.

So, sharpen your skills, unleash your creativity, and get ready to vie for the ultimate prize in the world of hackathons. The journey to victory begins at hackbangalore, but the destination could be a life-changing moment on the global stage. Stack up your points, dominate the leaderboard, and who knows? You might just find yourself with the opportunity to have an all-expenses paid trip to the Grand Finals in Singapore!

Points, Points & More Points!

Are you ready to scale to the top of the leaderboard? Learn more about how you can earn additional points for The Global Hackathon Series! It’s time to start collecting as many globes as you can, we’ll meet you at to The Grand Finale in Singapore. 😉

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