The Women Of AngelHack: Madison Andermahr

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Name: Madison Andermahr

Role: VP of Operations

Been With AngelHack: 8 Months

Works Out Of: Sacramento, CA. Out of the awesome coworking space, The Urban Hive.


What do you do at AngelHack?

Like many of my coworkers, I wear many hats at AngelHack. I’m a White Label Marketing Manager,a Series Sponsor Liaison, and I’m happy to share I have been recently promoted to the VP of Operations! 

Can you tell us about your toughest day on the job?

Hmm I’m not sure what the toughest day on the job has been. Although I must say my first week/ month was tough and stressful, lots of new lingo, everything was very fast paced, and working remote was a little intimidating. But everyday I learn a little more, and my role at AngelHack gets a little second nature.

AngelHack is a global company, requiring frequent travel. You must have had some memorable experiences. Give us one!

Every car ride with Kelsey and Troy to a bay area event is a fun experience. We laugh, tell stories and rant to each other about anything and everything. It is great to have good friends at work.

Has there ever been a time you felt discriminated against as a woman? Explain.

Yes, there are a lot of a**holes in the world. I worked in the restaurant business for many years. I’ve never been more discriminated against then when I was working as a server. At one restaurant they required us to say “My Pleasure” to guests in response to them saying thank you. I lost count of how many times a male guest would giggle and make a joke about what would really pleasure me.

I worked at a cute deli and coffee shop during college and heard countless jokes from guys about how nice it was to see a woman doing her womanly duties of sandwich making.

What challenges have you faced because of being a female at a hackathon or in business?

I haven’t been discriminated for being a female at a hackathon, even though the ratio of females to men is typically 1:5. Being the minority gender at a hackathon does have its challenges.

At times I feel like I’ve a hard time relating to some of the attendees, male, (typically shy) developers. I’m an outgoing, aggressive (in all ways it can be taken), non tech-y, female. Off the surface I may not have a lot in common with the attendees, but I love learning and creating memories with the developer community. Their community is always thriving with innovative ideas, and passion for positive change. I use my outgoing and aggressive personality to engage and learn from attendees, even if it takes them out of there comfort zone

What about the startup culture do you like?

I love the hustle of working at a startup.

What about the startup culture do you dislike?

I’m not a huge fan of the quick turnover of employees at startups. I always get attached to my new friend and it can be hard to stay in touch when they start their new venture.

How does it feel that 80% of your community is male based?

I’m not bent out of shape over there being more men than women in the hackathon community. I feel honored to represent women in the tech space and encourage more women to venture into hackathons. The innovative vibes at a hackathon are captivating and inviting to any gender.

Personal Life:

I’m a type A, fun-loving, hard working woman who loves to be outside and surrounded by friends and family. I am recently engaged to a wonderful man named Daniel Jenkins, and we have a cute lovable kitten named Lola.


What do you love about working for AngelHack?

I love that everyday is a busy and different day. I thrive on pushing myself to get more work done, and to be an overall better employee and team member. I REALLY love the flexible schedule, it allows me to eat breakfast with my fiance (who works nights), go to the gym when it’s not the busiest time of the day, and live a life that makes me happy.

What’s your spirit animal?

A Brown Bear. They are cute and cuddly, warm and strong, and are protective of the things they cherish… just like me.

What’s one word you would use to describe yourself?


What’s your favorite thing in the world?

Ahh what a hard question… I guess one of my favorite things in the world is creating lifelong memories with my friends and family while we try new activities in new places.

Biggest fear?

Looking back at my life and thinking I could have done more.

What’s your definition of success?

Success to me is the tingly feeling of excitement about what you’re doing, sticking with what matters through hard times and living a life you can feel proud of in retrospect.


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