#WebCrushWednesday: Amazon Web Services

Dear Amazon Web Services,

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We all think we know what Amazon Web Services (AWS) is about, but lets take another look. Cause we really REALLY like what they have to offer our peeps.

  • LOTS AND LOTS OF STUFF. More than 40 services that are useful for tiny startups all the way to huge enterprises. Things like storage, analytics, and dev services and obviously more.
  • They’re affordable. They even have a FREE tier. Your first year is free, after that, pay-as-you go. Just think of all the tacos you can buy with the money you save. Tacos people! You get to choose what services you want, and you only pay for those. It’s like ordering a delicious a la carte meal. But better, obviously.
  • They’ve got yo back. AWS gives away 1 month of Business level support, meaning you can get in some office hours and figure out any code issues with their professionals. You don’t have to worry about building your projects on AWS, it’ll work. So now you can focus on developing that idea you have, and not the background workings. #trustworthy

When you’re building your hackathon project on AWS at one of our 2015 Global Hackathon Series events, you know it’s in good hands.

Dun… Dunn… Dunnn. So What’s The Challenge?

The Internet of Things, heard of it? Of course you have. AWS wants to know how you can connect those schnazzy IoT devices with AWS to collect data, and then see what magic you can create with that data.

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And because Amazon is amazing, they know what sort of goodies to bring to a hackathon.

Let’s start with Fire TVs for every winning team in some cities. Then let’s move on to AWS credits in most of our cities.  Get excited people!


What Oprah said^. Cause Oprah da best.

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So come hang out and get your hack on!

AWS will have evangelists at a bunch of our events to answer any questions you might have and give out some free goodies (which, lets be honest, that’s what we’re all after right?).

We can’t wait to see what you guys do with their #IoT challenge!



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