What Does Krithika Love About AngelHack Hackathons?

[The following is a guest post from Krithika Yetchina @kyetchina]


I’ve attended over 30 hackathons since 2012, and I can confidently say that AngelHack hackathons are some of the best that I have attended so far. Here’s why:

Food: To be honest, I’m a foodie. I love food, and it’s always important that I can have access to some types of snacks or other goodies while I program away. There’s always a bunch of items to choose from to snack on, including healthy choices too! (first time I’ve ever seen apples or oranges at a hackathon, no joke but I love it) Aside from snacking, there’s almost always a food truck, and amazing main courses at the venue, as well. My stomach does not complain at all at an AngelHack event.

Caffeine: Hackathons aren’t complete without the caffeine to keep you going all night, and man, there’s caffeine everywhere! There’s always soda and Red Bull. Self explanatory.

Sponsors: Since AngelHack has such an amazing reputation, there’s always a full list of sponsors that support these hackathons. There’s always amazing food and games at these events. Also, I remember there being massage and acupuncture sessions too! So fun, and it’s an amazing way to relax for a moment or two (or three).

Swag: Best. Swag. Ever. As explained above, the more sponsors, the better. I usually have a backpack full of t-shirts and other goodies by the end of the event.

Organizers: You know how when you go to some hackathons, you don’t know who to ask for help, and even then, how it can be intimidating? Fear not, because here, all organizers wear a bright red jacket, and they’re almost always smiling (sometimes they laugh too!) Super friendly, and they can always find you someone to team up with, or even just simply tell you where the nearest bathroom is. These events run so smoothly because of these wonderful people. Ever since I judged one of these events, I’ve become closer with some of the staff, and they’re very hardworking and devoted to making AngelHack hackathons the very best they can be.

And finally, just the people that you are around! AngelHack hackathons have participants of all ages, from high school students to experienced hackers all around the area. The aura that these events give off is amazing, and it’s very welcoming and friendly to even the newest members of the hackathon family.

If you have the opportunity, make sure you attend one of these events. They are hosted all around the world (yes, the WORLD), so don’t miss out!

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