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Corporate Hackathons

Bay Area Students Face Off at the Accenture Hackathon Games

On a chilly, Saturday morning in San Francisco, the fog was just starting to clear, when the bus pulled up to PubNub’s downtown office. University students from Stanford, Berkeley, and Santa Clara filtered out of the bus and into the office, where they’d hack away for the next 24 hours, resolute and determined to win it all. The Accenture Hackathon Games were about to begin, and their schools’ very reputation was at stake.

So who won big? Who got their hands on the awesome prizes? Which school earned eternal bragging rights? We’ve got all your answer’s here, devs’!

Join the Condé Nast International Hackathon.

On November 22nd – 23rd, 2014 London developers will get a chance to work side by side with the talented developers of Condé Nast International and possibly get to see their prototype in action. AngelHack is inviting the best of the best hackers to take part in the Condé Nast International hackathon. You know who you are: you’ve got the technical skills, the design aesthetic, and you aren’t afraid to push the limits.

Help San Francisco Small Businesses using the Apple Pay SDK for Chase

Source: Cargo Collective

San Franciscans love small business! We stand in line for hours on end to eat brunch at our favorite restaurants or get ice cream at Bi-Rite. We shop at Rainbow Grocery and weekly farmer’s markets for those nights we do stay in. We get our books from indie booksellers, our cake from local bakeries, and our beer from local breweries. We support local businesses by giving them a lot of our money.