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Guest Post

Checking In With Buddy Watch, Winners of Silicon Valley 2014

When Buddy Watch won AngelHack Silicon Valley last year, I wasn’t sure that it was really happening. Seven Red Bulls into my first hackathon, I thought I might be hallucinating.

How times have changed.

This morning we launched a Kickstarter campaign for Buddy Watch, and after a year of the startup grind, I have a lot more clarity following the all-nighter.

That’s not the only thing that’s changed. Buddy Watch is a smart personal safety application that automatically detects and responds to emergencies no matter where you are, even if you can’t reach your phone. No hardware required. I went into the hackathon knowing that I wanted to build a smarter application of a dead-man switch so that people in the middle of an emergency didn’t have to unlock their phones and hit a panic button. What we have now is much more sophisticated. We use GPS and accelerometer data to look for a series of triggers that actually tell us if you’re having an emergency.