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Introducing The Women Of AngelHack #ProjectWoAH

“Girls, who run this mothaf…?”. Billions shouted back “girls!”, and we at AngelHack were right there, shouting at the top of our lungs. Women run the world, and they run AngelHack too.

We operate in a developer-focused world, and have carved out our own space in a crowded landscape FILLED to the brim with largely male talent (just 20% of startups worldwide are founded by women, and overall representation of women in tech sits at about 26% in the U.S). 

Within a startup that organizes hackathons (events that on average have an 80% male demographic) it’s the women of AngelHack who make up two-thirds of the team and represent the majority of our ownership and leadership, that are really running the show. This is something special, something we want to share.

5 Tech Gadgets To Take When “Hacking” On Your Next Adventure

You learn a lot while traveling. It’s almost always a great experience, and most of the time you’ll learn from various mistakes you make somewhere in between spontaneity and adventure. It’s important to go offline.To, you know, “shut down”, but preparation is key when traveling abroad.Here are a few must-haves that saved my ass abroad.