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Meet the Hearst Immersive Hack: Co-presented by Made in NY Media Center By IFP

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Immerse yourself (see what we did there 😉 ) in the next great hackathon to hit the NYC area.

Dun dun dunnnnn, meet the Hearst Immersive Hack: Co-presented by Made in NY Media Center By IFP! It’s super excited to meet you too!

The hackathon is gonna be focused on AR, VR, and IoT techs and attendees will have access to the latest and greatest SDKs and tools from some epic disruptive companies in the field. It’s gonna take place in NYC on October 24th-25th at the Made in NY Media Center HQ in Dumbo, Brooklyn. 30 John St, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

HACKcelerator: Checking in On Air

We often hear the “how-we-started-out” stories from big shots in the industry, years after they make it. And while these stories are always inspiring, they’re sometimes fluffed up in retrospect and don’t portray the nitty-gritty, highs & lows of launching a startup. Well now you...

Matt Meets Asia: Tokyo Edition!

In the land of the rising sun, respect, tradition, and attention to detail are common practice. Japan has always been an economic powerhouse in our global marketplace with innovative brands like Sony, Toyota, and Nintendo around since the 1980s. In 2015, we’re waiting to see what is next. In a great position to scale out a product or service to a global audience, the younger generation is looking into startup culture to move the economy forward in this new day and age.

Meet The Team: AtumSoft – #HACKcelerator15

It’s not everyday that you hear about hackers working to revolutionize the chemical instrumentation industry at a local hackathon. But the winners of our AH8 Cincinnati hackathon aren’t your typical hackers. When I spoke to them, we were still waiting on CEO Olivier Lemaitre. “It’s pretty nice, we all live in the same apartment complex so he’s just walking over to my place,” CTO Andrew Carl told me. It quickly became clear that in the case of AtumSoft, the team that stays together hacks together and accelerates together. See what I did there 😉


In the circulatory system that is AngelHack, our amazing global ambassadors are the vital veins that work to organize and bring hackathons to all reaches of the world.

They’re basically our version of rockstars.

We reached out to our Thailand ambassador, Naureen to get the scoop on how she came to be a part of the AngelHack team team and her favorite part of being an AngelHack ambassador.