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AngelHack-ing Around The World: Africa

If you ask most people what they think of when you say “tech startup”, chances are they might say something about the Bay Area. Most would. But we know and have witnessed that the talent is not limited to the Bay Area. Not at all. That’s why we have spread our Series to 50 cities around the world.

15 Things You can Expect to See at an AngelHack Hackathon

The 8th season of AngelHack’s Global Hackathon Series is finally HERE. To celebrate the occasion, we’ve compiled 15 things you can expect to see at a hackathon to give you a glimpse of the weirdness that makes our hackathons so awesome. Let’s explore:

1) It’s 10 AM. The hackathon has kicked off. Which, of course, means awkward team formation & mingling


2) You look around to find your classic past hackathon Swagmaster… “Is that a mac or PC? I can’t tell from all the stickers on your laptop.”

giphy (8)

Founders Space Has a Special Deal for the AngelHack Community

In today’s startup world, joining an accelerator or incubator program is a lot like applying to college. It’s just something that a lot of startups do to get much needed educational support, mentorship and investment. However, which one you end up choosing can depend on factors like product idea, team experience, timing, investment needed, and all that jazz. Getting into the right one can be tough!

Stop Collecting Ideas: Get Off Your Butt and BUILD SOMETHING

Are you a front end developer looking for some back end knowledge?

Or maybe a designer looking to add some coding power to your arsenal?

Perhaps you’re an entrepreneurial type, dying to finally build that side idea that’s been burning a hole in your brain?

If any of this rings true, let me ask you one more question – what’s stopping you?

Actually, don’t answer that – I already know the answer: You don’t know how to code. I’d ask you why you haven’t learned, when there are so many free (and not-so-free) coding courses out there, but I already know the answer: you don’t WANT to learn how to code. Otherwise, you would’ve already learned.