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For the first time ever, Hasbro opened their doors to the outside public to bring in their best new toy ideas. The goal was to increase their brand engagement in the developer community, seek out external innovation from the developers ideas, and find and recruit the best to bring in-house.

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AngelHack set up the Hasbro-a-thon at the Hasbro’s HQ, where we held pre-hackathon innovation talks at Hasbro the week before and concluded things with a 24-hr hackathon at Hasbro HQ. In order to complete Hasbro’s goals, we created a custom website to hype the event and worked with localized developer and college groups in DC, New York, and Providence to promote the event and start the discussion.


AngelHack handled all promotions, facilitation, social media, website creation, and worked with Hasbro’s PR/Communication teams to ensure everything was in-line with their Communications strategy.


In total, over 40,000 people checked out the event and website. Hasbro saw the event as a huge success with tons of recruitment potential. 8 teams were invited back to Hasbro HQ to work with their R+D team. Perhaps most importantly Hasbro reported “extreme excitement” internally from having their developers work with so many new faces on new ideas.

“Hasbro’s very first Hackathon met our high expectations. It not only delivered some strong original ideas but it was also a great way to meet some great new creative talent.”

Duncan Billing, Chief Development Officer of Hasbro

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