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How could MasterCard break into the global developer community, have amazing new projects created with their APIs, and build up their own community of developers for their new Open API platform?

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Over a four month brainstorming period, AngelHack worked exceptionally closely with top MasterCard executives to create the first ever MasterCard Masters of Code Global Competition. The goal of the competition was simple: engage with developer communities in strategic areas of importance for MasterCard through their APIs. The competition as a whole spanned 13 cities across the globe, flying the winning teams from each region into San Francisco for the Grand Finale.


AngelHack worked closely with MasterCard teams worldwide to craft the epic scope, messaging, marketing, organization’s, operations, vendor sourcing and packed the house every time; allowing MasterCard to focus on bringing their best technical expertise to each event. It was a success across the board.


The numbers speak for themselves. Never before have we at AngelHack seen a program that inspired and engaged developers at this scale. Over 645,000 people checked out the Masters of Code website, press from all over the globe covered the events, and most importantly MasterCard technology is now firmly in the hands of thousands of new developers.

“AngelHack helped us put together the Masters of Code, one of the most raved about hackathon series in the fintech industry. With their expertise, we were able to deliver in 10 months what would usually take 3 years to build.”

Sebastien Taveau, Chief Developer Evangelist / VP OpenAPI at MasterCard

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