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Sathish Jeyakumar

Principal Architect - Innovation at Emirates Group IT

Rami Sarieddine

Author | Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft

Bart Zimny


Karan Kurani

Co Founder/CTC DoctorC

David Monreal i Prat

Consultant - Interim Management

Sergio A. Escobar

Startup Ventures | Entrepreneurship Ecosystems | Impact Investment

Jofin Joseph

Co-Founder, Vibe

Marsh Sutherland

Serial Tech Entrepreneur

Polpat Songthamjitti

CMO & Co-Founder Getlinks

Stefan van der Fluit

CEO & Co-Founder, Nuklius

Hector Kolonas

Founder at included.co

Vasudeva Thumati

CEO at Startup Moksha

Geza Mihala

Software Artisan

Natalia Karbasova

Head of Burda Bootcamp & Burda Hackday

Katrin Buettner

Professional Graduate Programme at Hubert Burda Media

Brien Buckman

Supporting Early-Stage Tech from MasterCard

Mikhail Moskovchenko

Senior iOS Developer

Jumpei Liam Yamane

Chief Planner, at Givery,Inc.

Huan Nguyen

Head of Core Team Zalora

Byron Sommardahl

CTO / Chief Architect at Acklen Avenue

Egdares Futch H.

IT/Disaster Recovery Solutions Architect at Cable&Wireless Business Solutions LTD

Ricardo Irias

Entrepreneur/Director at AMC

John Lauck

VP Engineering/Co-founder at Roadtrippers

Shashank Saxena

Senior Director at Kroger

Benjamin Dean

Developer Relations Manager and Full-stack developer with emphasis on front-end web development

Brian Powell

Chief Technology Officer at Strap

John Sechrest

Managing Partner at Thoughtcap

John Sechrest

Startup Ecosystem Developer

Bob Crimmins

Entrepreneur, Engineer, Startup Anatomist, Community Builder, Unrequited Philosopher

Jonathan Lewy

Partner at Investomex

Daryna Kulya

Manager, Digital Innovation Lab at Deloitte

Benjamin Ilfeld

Lead Audience & Revenue Strategist at 10up

Nickey Khemchandani

CTO / Co - Founder at BSD Code and Design Academy

Bo Zhang

Head of APAC Platform Partner Engineering at Facebook

Raiyo Nariman

Managing Partner Mercatus Ventures & Serendipity Ventures

Christopher Gottschalk

Principal at Blumberg Capital

Marcus Dantus

CEO at Startup Mexico

Matthew Pollard

The Rapid Growth Guy! | Speaker | Serial Entrepreneur | Author | Sales, Niche Marketing & Differentiation Powerhouse

Sergey Sundukovskiy

Head of Engineering - Technology Innovation at Capital One

Matthew Tomaszewicz

Sr. Director - Technology at Capital One

David Talach

SVP, Head of New Ventures, National Small Business at Capital One

Bill McNulty

Digital Products & Financial Services Executive

Ashley McNamara

Director of Technical Communities at Rackspace

Paulo Guerra Figueiredo

HCC and Open hardware and specialist

Gabriel Peña

Full stack web development specialist

Danilo Sinche

Visual Communication Design Specialist

Marielena Certad

Digital Creative Strategist and Gamification Specialist

Amer Amin

Senior Graphic and UX Designer

Luca Mohammadi

Advisor @ Fast Forward Advisors, previous Piaggio, consulting KPMG

Viet ha Dang

Software Engineer at Innovatube Group ex PM FPT Corp & NextG Solutions

Tuan Anh Tran

Product Manager at FPT Corp

Juan Sebastián Sandino

Product Manager at FPT Corp

Diego Naranjo Pereira

Diego Ariel Rios Diaz

Nadia Yelena Rey Padilla

Exp. en Seguridad de la Información

Ricardo Suarez Cadena

Gerente @ Yersutech

Angel Celis Botto

CEO Landmoda Inc

Juliana Buitrago Santa

UX Specialist en Platzi INC

Miguel Nieva

Business Developer

Zack Schwartz

Allee Clark

Software Engineer VR at The Washington Post

Harry Wilson

Innovation Consulting

Mandy Bouchedid

Design Research & Strategy

Alejandro Ugarte

Associate at Claro Partners

Awais Naseer

Co-founder & CEO at Softoven

Rehan Muneer Malik

An Entrepreneur, Investor, CEO & Youth Activist

Abdul Wahid

Senior UX, UI & Frontend Developer at JustProperty.com

Saeed Safrini

Technical Account Manager at Microsoft

Mert Unan

Technology Evangelst - Azure - Microsoft

Nicolas Garnier

Developer Evangelist at Mailjet

Aya Sadder

Business Account Manager at VentureFin, Programs & Partnerships Manager at The Sustainability Platform

Candice Taylor

Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility Program Manager at Ericsson

Maram Abu Damous

Head of Project Management Office, JEI

Yara Alkhader

Founder, CTO at SA3ED.ME

Sufyan Almajali

Head of Software Engineering Department at Princess Sumaya University for Technology

Guillermo Doring

Alexa Developer Evangelist at Amazon

Robert McCauley

Alexa Solutions Architect at Amazon.com

Paul Cutsinger

Alexa and Echo at Amazon

Krishna shanbhag

Mobile Application Developer

Vishal Bhimani

Software Engineer at WireCamp Interactive LLP

Manan Vaghasiya

Tech Lead at WireCamp Media Factory

Guillermo Doring

Alexa Developer Evangelist at Amazon

Anantha Murthy

Creative Director at WireCamp Media Factory

Nischal D

Senior Process Associate at Hewlett-Packard

Pawan Shetty

Partner at WireCamp Interactive LLP

Dimitar Simidcheiv

Public Speaking Mentor

Venelin Spiridonov

Tech Lead - Epam Systems<br />

Martin Dimitrov

Senior Web & Microsoft .NET technologies developer at EPAM Systems

Todor Panev

Visual Designer at EPAM Systems

Farhad Timuri

Managing Partner at TURICAP LIMITED

Alex Tokmakchiev

Designer @ Puzl & CowOrKing Space

Anson Tou Liu

Co Founder at Curiosity Startup Studio

Héctor Andrés Melgar Sasieta

Ingeniero Informático por la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

Irina Avila de Palacios

Directora y fundadora del MAKERLAB PUCP

Guino Henostroza

Innovative Entrepreneur & Software Quality Mentor

Hugo Campus

Technology Entrepreneur

Tony Cueva

CEO & Founder - Drop Technologies

Johana Chuquino Añorga

ITIL®, PMP®, Consultora de Procesos, Ingeniera de Sistemas, Jefa de Proyectos y Gestión de la Demanda

Tiffany Soto Saenz

Product Manager / User centric and Agile methodologies

Josephine Miliza

Managing Director Girls in Tech Kenya

Stewart Mackenzie

CTO of AkilahNet Rwanda/Hong Kong

Melvin Wong

CEO of Just Mobile/FanXT (Acquired), Mentor of AngelHack and Advisor of World Sustainability Congress

Serge Bornow


Robynn Lobo-Pires

Full Stack Web Developer

Kevin Koeller

Analyst at Accenture

Tushar (FNU Tushar)

Engineer at VMTurbo

David Braun

CEO & co-founder TemplateMonster

Aleksey Yashchenko

Engineering Manager at Grammarly

Pavlo Grozian

Senior Product Designer at Grammarly Inc.

Roman Guliak

Manager @ Grammarly

Igor Kononuchenko

Enterpreneur, front-end developer

Pavlo Pedenko

Head of Web Production Department at 1+1 media, Head at OVVA.tv (online video distribution network)

Victor Sarapin

CEO at V.I.Tech

Igor Stefurak

Dealflow Manager at GrowthUP Accelerator

Leon Podobedov

Board Member at SOC Prime

Nazar Panchyshyn

Chief Marketing Officer @ Clickky

Ilia Kenigshtein

Founder of Creative Quarter

Svitlana Kolodii

Program Coordinator at BIGGGGIDEA

Daria Demchenko

Coordinator at UAngel

Oksana Strashna

Board Member at UAngel

Dima Maleev

Director of Lviv IT School

Carlos Vassallo

Chief Innovation Officer at PlanetM

Aymen Belarbi

CEO and Co-Founder of Serenify.me

Christian Boas

Entrepreneur / Investor, Equus.vc

Umair Shahid

Director, Products at 2ndQuadrant

Waqqas Jabbar

CTO and Co-founder at Touch'd

Ahsan Yameen

Entrepreneur, Youth Activist, Social Media Marketer, Web Application Developer

Maryam Kausar

CEO and Co-Founder MMI

Sihah Waris

Entrepreneur, Independent Contractor, CEO & Founder at Solugix, CEO & Founder at Rise Mom

Raven Duran

CEO of Webnified.com

Lionel Amarado

President of Innovuze Solutions Inc.

John Reuben Requiroso

Senior Developer of Redlemon Digital Media

Dhens Betonio

Senior Developer of Innovuze Solutions Inc.<br />

Maryam Kausar

Neil Shah

Core Lead, Datakind SG

Leonardy Kristianto

Researcher at Stanford Crowd Research Collective

Gaurang Torvekar

CTO at Attores

Vinod Arya

Salah Amleh

Country Director - BEEADEE Project

Haneen AbuFarha

Senior Marketing Specialist at Universe Telecom

Omar Omran

Assistant to the Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics at Birzeit University

Mohammad Abdeljalil

Faris Abusada

Ahmad Bamieh

Lauro Silva

Eduardo Hernández

David Ruiz

Watson Group Executive

Camilo Salazar

Nick Saunders

Elena Nosova

VP & CFO at Enter Capital

Felipe Chávez Cortés

CEO & Cofounder at Kiwi

Majo Balko

Thomas Hsain

Josefa Villarroel

Directora Ejecutiva _ Garage UAI

Andres Jara

Directora Ejecutiva _ Garage UAI

Sabin Roman

Marcin Rudolf

Osama Qunoo

Abdullah Abunada

Laila Alabidi

Minh Khoi Nguyen

Co-founder & CTO at DKT

Joseph Avila

Director, Business Development at Pioneer Electronics

Behnaz Babazadeh

Director of UX at Oracle

Shakib Mohsanyar

Founder of The Hub and Afghanistan Needs You

Mozamel Aman

Consultant at DCI Digital Career Institute

Wais Pirzad

Business innovation consultant

Alex Smith

Senior Developer at Stax

Chanie Hyde

Marketing Manager at BlueChilli

Harry Aydin

Front End Web Developer at Be Collective

Milad Mehraban

Joseph Mehrabi

Investment Manager at INFRONTIER Ltd

Moritz Tränkner-Tuborgh

Senior Manager bei Netlight

Andre Vreman

Managing Partner at EIN enterprise

Tiberiu Iacomi

Chief Probability Observer, The Improbable Agency

John Salzarulo

Co-Founder at Balanced Home

Vitaliy Gnezdilov

Creative Director/Partner, Gem Digital Agency

Justin Clark

Co-Founder of Whiz Tutor

Maxime Cattet

Founding Team at Krak Skateboarding, Inc

Zac Fitz-Walter

Gamification Consulting & App Development

Marius Ursache

Andy Young

Lorenzo Brown

Julia Pardo

Public Speaking & Communication Consultant

Samantha Rosa

Experience design specialist (ThoughtWorks)

Maria Elena Dueñas

Full stack development specialist (ThoughtWorks)

Jorge Dominguez

Interaction design specialist (ThoughtWorks)

Carlos de Smedt

IT integration / Data processing specialist (MedialabUIO)

Ivan Terceros

Research & Innovation specialist (MedialabUIO)

Santiago Ruales

Entrepreneurship & Innovation specialist (Conquito)

Javier Albuja

Strategy & Entrepreneurship specialist (Conquito)

Francisco Cordova

Digital strategy specialist (UXPA)

Lorena Lizarzaburu

Design & Innovation specialist (CDE)

Santiago Andrade

Software development specialist (CDE)

Melanie Valencia

Innovation & Sustentability specialist (USFQ)

Gabriela Lazo

Communication Design specialist (átiko7)

Jorge Cupi

Technical Evangelist (Microsoft)

Camila Gaitan Mosquera

Ingeniera de Sistemas

Stella Miranda

Software Architect at Verizon Hearst Media Partners

Julian Montoya

UX Architect at Bizagi

Angela Pinzón García

Product Design Specialist at Bizagi

Julian David Vargas Alvarez

CTO at Fluvip

Carlos Revelo

Senior Game Developer at CMUNE

David Avellaneda

Senior Software Engineer

Javier Patiño Castro

Co-Fundador & Director de S.lab

Andrés Hernández

Programador empírico y desarrollador Front-End

Jaime Eloy Sotelo Ramírez

Ingeniero Electrónico

Kerry Thomas Pérez Huanca

Ingeniero Informático y Sistemas

Hugo Campos

Ingeniero de Sistemas

Ivonne Quiñones

Ingeniero industrial

Cesar Valencia

Especialista en Análisis de Datos

Alejandro Valdivia

Consultor en Innovación Pública, Tecnología para Gobierno

Nathaly Yauricasa

Ingeniero Civil

Erika Cienfuegos

Consultora en Proyectos Sociales

Luis Flores Olazo

Ingeniero Electrónico, Founder Jellyfish-biorobotics

Jing Hoo

UX lead for Oddity & Co-Founder of Missing Edge

Hideki Takaba

Ingeniero Civil

Naoko Ishihara

Corporate Associate at Morrison & Foerster LLP, Tokyo

Pham Minh Tien

Andy Axton

Dimitar Simidcheiv

Public Speaking Mentor

Venelin Spiridonov

Tech Lead – Epam Systems

Michael Lance Domagas

Developer and Programmer

Ace Velarde

Founder STW Family of Companies

Tara Mae Flores

Cofounder and Vice President at STW Family of Companies

Supratik Mukherjee

Product Manager at InternsME

Lijeesh Majeed S

CTO & Product Manager at Laimoon.com

Worood Dabbas

Cloud Developer Advocate at IBM

Naiyarah Hussain

IBM Cloud Developer Experience Team Lead, UAE at IBM

Aoun Lutfi

Bluemix Cloud Developer Advocate at IBM

Alexander Al Basosi

Cloud Developer Advocate at IBM

Catalina Butnaru

VP Marketing, UK AI ambassador, IEEE committee Member on Outreach and Wellbeing, and stanford Ignite Affiliate

Nirav Suthar

Lead Designer at oncam.com

Luca de Petris

Fernanda Pérez

Jefe de Proyecto de Ecosistema Externo – Innovación en Banco Bci

Edgardo Ochoa

Head of Bci Labs at Banco Bci

Sebastian Zamorano Jara

DevOps Web Software

Luis Aguilera Clarke

Director de tecnología en Pharmatender

Juan Alberto Daniel Ochoa John

Fullstack Developer

Luis Vilches Abarca

Desarrollador web en El Mundo al revés

Suvigya Saxena

Associate Vice President – Technology, Pratham Software

Pankaj Mathur

Senior System Analyst- Microsoft DotNet Technologies, Pratham Software

Jon Borgonia

Edward Kim

Jason Sewell

Jonathan Ahnee

Sean Nakamura

Patricia Souza

Mobile Application Developer

Vinicius Almeida


Airam Corrêa

Building financial products through digital and upcoming tech

Rodrigo Ribeiro

IT Innovation – Design Thinking – Agile – Blockchain Enthusiastic

Mayara Romao Ferreira

Digital Products I Marketing I Payments I Business Development I PR

Rafael Nascimento

Specialist in IT Innovation

Rafael Rosales Silveira

Digital Products and Business Development at Cielo

Marcos Cezar Mendes da Cost

Sênior Android Developer

Karim Abdel Kader

Co-Founder at MobiBills

Mohamed Ammar

Co-Founder at Spare

Mohamad Tawakol

Co-Founder at Spare

Mohamed Sharaf

Co-Founder at Insaneyah