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AngelHack is the industry leader for Hackathons. The first company of it’s kind, we’ve been leading the hackathon revolution since 2011. Click below to discover more about hackathons.

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AngelHack’s HACKcelerator program connects ambitious developers with thought leaders and experienced entrepreneurs to help them become more versatile and create fundable start-ups.

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We have the best courses for developers, period. Check out our Whole Developer Program and Front-End Immersive classes today. Learn the skills you need to thrive and survive in today’s competitive developer job market.

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We believe in holistic hackers.

That’s why we invest into our community: educating, coaching and training hackers beyond coding so they can reach their full potential.

We love having big ideas.

But we love it even more when they are built, tested and launched to the world.

We’re great at taking great risks.

And in the process failing fast and often and sharing it openly so all can learn.

We’re comfortable in a state of flux.

Working with new tech and rapid change requires us to be flexible thinkers and doers: ready to pivot, fast to adapt and great at seeing the next.

We run organized chaos.

In our world, nothing is ever 100% certain, under control or there when we need it. But we’re really good at creating order from chaos and making things happen perfectly, together.

We thrive on diversity.

It’s both the foundation and the future of our global community. The equation is simple: more diverse perspectives make for richer, more robust ideas and faster execution.

Seeing Is Believing

We get to work with some amazing clients. Check out our portfolio of recent events.

Find out why “AngelHack has set the gold standard for all hackathons.”- The S.F Examiner

"Hasbro’s very first Hackathon met our high expectations. It not only delivered some strong original ideas but it was also a great way to meet some great new creative talent. We are looking forward to making this an annual event."

− Duncan Billing, Chief Development Officer, Hasbro

"AngelHack took our idea from an interesting opportunity to a wildly successful reality. Their expertise and professionalism made our first time hack a world class experience."

− Phil Wiser Chief Technology Officer, Hearst Corporation

"This event enabled HP to gain further cred with the developer community, nurture a potential pool of apps, receive real-time feedback on the platform as well as investigate recruitment and partnership opportunities that would have been missed otherwise."

− Zealous Wiley Vice President of Digital Marketing, HP



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