Igniting the Passion of Innovators Around the World

We think of coding as a global language for change and innovation. Coding has the potential to empower, promote equality and open up new opportunities for all. By bringing together diverse developers from across the world, we aim to develop a community that pushes the boundaries of tech, develop more innovative ideas and make positive change happen.

With innovation at our core, we provide opportunities for our global developer community to elevate their skills, work on emerging technologies and work alongside renowned corporates that bring interesting challenges to the table. At the same time, we help corporates drive open innovation for products and brands by connecting them to the smarts, scale and speed of the world’s best talent.

Our Core Values


Hacking means more than just writing great code. It means learning, exploring, inventing, investing and educating, all in one.


Most breakthrough or discoveries throughout history have one thing in common: they’re a product of curiosity. This is why we believe in staying curious and hungry.​


We love taking a path less travelled, especially when it feeds our business purpose. It is in our DNA of learning and sharing our craft with the rest of the world.


We love having big ideas. But we love it even more when they can be built, tested and launched to the world, making it accessible for all.


We’re comfortable in a state of flux. Working with new tech and rapid change requires us to be flexible, adaptable and bold to always taking our work to the next level.