What’s Being An Ambassador All About:

AngelHack’s Ambassadors are an integral part of our global community. They play a key role in:

  • Building tech and start-up communities
  • Strengthening local ecosystems and promoting innovation
  • Bringing together passionate and motivated individuals
  • Organizing and running a kick-ass hackathon
  • AngelHack gives me the chance to fulfill my goal of empowering women in technology. As a female who has been programming and designing algorithms for a decade, I’m motivated to spread the love for science and technology. It turns out in return that I learnt so much about innovation and gained so much passion while running hackathons and the community.

    Yaoli Wang
    Yaoli Wang AngelHack Ambassador Beijing
  • "AngelHack appeared at a good time in my life, challenged me, taught me, led me to innovate, I won AngelHack at some point and everything I learned with it changed me to be better and impact the lives of others. Now as an Ambassador, I can motivate more people from my country and the world to do the same and be better."

    Karolina Ladino
    Karolina Ladino AngelHack Ambassador Bogota
  • "AngelHack has given me the chance to get to know a lot of interesting people from different tech communities around the world. All the ambassadors I have met are passionate about growing their communities and helping entrepreneurs to improve their skills and get them connected with potential investors. It is a great feeling when you do something like this and see how someone else could truly benefit from it."

    David Illánez
    David Illánez AngelHack Ambassador Quito
  • "Hack is what I do every day, what I share with everyone and AngelHack is a family where all these things happen - coding, teaching, organizing hackathons is something I love and will never stop doing even I get older I'll keep hacking and teaching to the next generation of hackers - let's hack this society for the better."

    Eduardo Telaya
    Eduardo Telaya AngelHack Ambassador Lima
  • "AngelHack allows me to give back to the community. As a professional in the education, technology and entrepreneurship field. I love the passion of people prototyping their ideas in a Hackathon, and I really enjoy helping out the teams to give an advice on viability, desirability and feasibility of the products they want to innovate."

    Moises Garay
    Moises Garay Mexico City Ambassador
  • "Coming from a non-tech background, I first got to know AngelHack through their workshops. From the beginning I was amazed by the hands-on approach which makes you build things from the first hour. Meeting so many inspiring people from different backgrounds made me want to be a part of the community. My motivation is to help others realize their ideas, and I believe AngelHack's hackathons and workshops are a great start for that journey."

    Katharina Hauber
    Katharina Hauber AngelHack Ambassador, Beijing

Why Become an Ambassador:

This volunteer role offers unique perks and incentives:

Build Your Skills

Enhance your skills through experience like Event Planning, Community Building, Networking, Sales + more.

Expand Your Network

Build personal and professional relationships via outreach and networking. You’ll connect & interact with key influencers, leaders, entrepreneurs, designers, developers + more.

Earn a Commission

Assist in Selling Sponsorships and Earn a Commission.

Get Showcased

Through our Ambassador Webpage, Social Media Channels, and Blog, we will showcase your writing contributions and series involvement.

Ambassador Retreat

Attend our annual invite-only retreat to workshop, connect, and receive some much needed R&R.


Be on the front lines for AngelHack series shirts, sponsor swag, and goodies.

Who’s an Ideal Ambassador Candidate:

Ambassadors come from all different backgrounds, professions, hackathon experience, and technology prowess. We’ve come to find if you encompass the following, you are most likely Ambassador material!

  • Interest in making connections and building relationships and communities
  • A Passion for tech, start-ups, hackathons, innovation, or event organizing
  • Dedication and Enthusiasm
  • Commitment & Availability
  • Chronic Craving for Pizza and Redbull

Let’s Welcome our New India Regional Manager,

Harish Kotra

AngelHack’s longtime ambassador, Harish Kotra is now the Regional Manager for India. Harish has been an Ambassador to AngelHack for the past 5 years in Hyderabad and Mumbai.

Featured Ambassador

Manuel Alvarado

Bogota, Colombia Ambassador

Software engineer, entrepreneur, and hackathon veteran.

What would his #1 hackathon tip be?

Include breaks in the planning! We are humans after all and after a certain point working non-stop, it gets hard to stay focused and tired people tend to make more mistakes.

Fun Fact About myself:

My friends say I’m a bug hunter (software bugs) because I always find the weirdest bugs in the weirdest places. For example, anything from getting an error stating that “something happened” to receiving empty SMS in a two step authentication.

Manuel Alvarado

Software engineer, entrepreneur, and hackathon veteran.

Julie Gauthier

Software engineer, always seeking to empower others with technology!

Eugene Musebe

Building and empowering the African tech ecosystem through hackathons has always been my dream. Being an AngelHack ambassador has not only exposed me to the African tech ecosystem but to a global network of passionate individuals who aim to change the world through technology.

Eugene was a master Ambassador at 2018’s Nairobi Tech Week, helping over 160 participants build 38 prototypes solving problems in Kenya. He is currently EIT at MEST Africa in addition to all his grassroots work organizing tech opportunities via HackIt Africa.

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