15 Things You can Expect to See at an AngelHack Hackathon

The 8th season of AngelHack’s Global Hackathon Series is finally HERE. To celebrate the occasion, we’ve compiled 15 things you can expect to see at a hackathon to give you a glimpse of the weirdness that makes our hackathons so awesome. Let’s explore:

1) It’s 10 AM. The hackathon has kicked off. Which, of course, means awkward team formation & mingling


2) You look around to find your classic past hackathon Swagmaster… “Is that a mac or PC? I can’t tell from all the stickers on your laptop.”

giphy (8)

3) … and of course your Bear Grylls hacker; complete with the packed desktop, the sleeping bag, and the fannypack with survival supplies

giphy (12)

4) As nerf guns start being passed around, getting shot in the face becomes a right of passage.


5) And when lunch time rolls around, questions start being asked…


6) By 6 PM, the friendly rivalry really starts to kick in

giphy (1)

7) Fast-forward 5 hours, and the inevitable “I give up” hour kicks in

giphy (2)

8) Fast-forward another few hours, and the “find me any surface and I will sleep on it like it’s an E. S. Kluft Beyond Luxury Sublime mattress” phase kicks in

giphy (5)

9) Or you might see the “I had 5 cans of Redbull in 30 minutes” zombies start to emerge. And yes, they do get weird.


10) But after somehow surviving the night, excitement levels reach an all time high on Sunday morning.


11) So much so, that the inevitable freakout mode kicks in and you’re convinced your app is NEVER gonna work, even if science tells you it will.


12) Then, with 5 minutes to go, confidence slaps you in the face again.


13) You demo, you kill it, the judges are blown away, and you feel on top of the world.

giphy (6)

14) Prizes start being handed out, and you try your hardest to refrain from making it rain on stage.

giphy (7)

15) But regardless of whether or not you win, you ALWAYS walk out feeling like a BOSS, having formed unforgettable friendships after surviving the most intensely awesome weekend together.