A Little Info About Our Friends In Argentina

J.P. Morgan helps businesses and markets grow and develop around the world. The span of its products is broad and global, working with clients across asset management, investment banking and private banking businesses. Technology and innovation are core to J.P. Morgan’s business. “Technology powers everything we do.” This statement holds true at J.P. Morgan. The company processes up to $6 trillion in payments per day and services 19 million mobile customers. If that’s not impressive then I don’t know what is. Find more about J.P. Morgan’s technology here, http://careers.jpmorgan.com/careers/divisions/technology


J.P. Morgan’s technology teams are inventing better ways to help clients grow their business, drive innovation and develop cloud enterprise. The firm offers programs and opportunities to help students and individuals build a better future through meaningful work and extensive training. You can check it out here, http://careers.jpmorgan.com/careers/home.


J.P. Morgan is committed to creating diverse and inclusive teams around the world. They’re joining this years #LadyProblems series. If you haven’t heard about #LadyProblems yet, I’ll give you a brief synopsis.


We’re empowering women economically and globally through diversification in #Tech and the developer community. We’re working with J.P. Morgan to offer cutting-edge solutions and ideas to tackle the obstacles that prevent female entrepreneurship that will support our global community. Learn more about how you can join the cause at this years #LadyProblems. If you still haven’t snagged a ticket to the #LadyProblems event in Bueno Aires then click Here!