In the circulatory system that is AngelHack, our amazing global ambassadors are the vital veins that work to organize and bring hackathons to all reaches of the world.

They’re basically our version of rockstars.

We reached out to our Thailand ambassador, Naureen to get the scoop on how she came to be a part of the AngelHack team team and her favorite part of being an AngelHack ambassador.

How were you first introduced to AngelHack?

I’d heard of AngelHack a few times through friends, but it was via [AngelHack & #links teammate] Djoann and others that I decided to participate in the 2014 AngelHack.

What excited you about the opportunity to become an AngelHack Ambassador?
It’s exciting to have added new initiatives and helped to grow the motivation to try new things amongst the Thai tech ecosystem.


1623566_10203385517552604_1965934711873633037_n Here, Naureen is getting the crowd pumped for the AH Bangkok hackathon.

What is your background and skill-set? (Developer, designer, marketing, business?)

I’m a mix of marketing, PR, and also tech blogging. You can reach me on Twitter @norabean.

What is your favorite thing about hackathons? And how many have you been to?

I’ve organized four now, and been to dozens of hack events. I actually have plans to try to do one soon to promote WikiData within Wikipedia.

What is the most rewarding thing about being an Ambassador and organizing these events?
The most rewarding thing is when the event sparks a willingness for attendees to try new things, learn new things, and make friends with people they never knew and share a lot of similar passions with.


Our ambassadors are awesome!

Can you tell us briefly about your team, #links, hack at your first AngelHack event?

Yeah, actually Djoann had the idea, I gave him a napkin to write it, then we brainstormed, he shared it with Puchaya, and then we all ended up working together on what it turned into, which is #Links! Learn more about #links here!

Where do you hope to see #links in 5 years?

I would love to see the team grow and expand out of Thailand, to new cities and have a global presence.

Can you tell us about the Bangkok event this past weekend? It looked amazing, how’d it go?

The event was frankly, spectacular. I felt fairly pleased by the turnout, the amount of guys and girls that attended the Rails for Girls (we decided to let anyone learn to code) workshop, the design workshop, and stayed to listen about BlueMix. I think it was a true success, and for me each attendant was a winner because my goal was to have us all learn something new. I’m thankful for the HotelQuickly team and the people who showed up to try to make something and stayed (over 100!) all night!


Thanks to our AngelHack ambassadors like Naureen, we are able to provide a bridge to the international technology community.

Go Naureen! And go #links!


Written by Katarina!