AngelHack Makes its First Acquisition of 2016 as it Expands into Recruiting

Today AngelHack announces its first acquisition of 2016, Codeity, a developer recruiting platform. Codeity will connect AngelHack’s global community of 97,000 developers worldwide with jobs that best fit their skills with companies ranging from Fortune 500s to emerging startups in the tech industry.

Codeity differentiates itself by focusing solely on the job-seeker’s skill sets for matching employers with candidates, while masking age, gender, first name and previous employers, it reduces the potential for bias in the hiring process. Employers and companies will not have access to these masked elements until a profile has been identified for matching skill sets, then employers can unlock the candidates information to make an offer. Focusing on skills before demographics will help to ensure that companies get matched with the best qualified applicants, every time. It will also help companies identify promising and valuable candidates who might otherwise be over-looked.

“Imbalance in diversity hiring is a real issue in the tech industry, and the current solutions are not working,” said AngelHack CEO, Sabeen Ali, “Our global community of developers is diverse and ripe with talent looking for employment, so we’re excited to help provide a tool to help them access unbiased opportunities. The lack of diversity in tech is not just the pipeline, but also the tools available to match companies with top-tier talent.”

Research shows that hiring managers can be biased against African-American sounding names, and that interviewers can sometimes weigh their decisions too heavily on whether they’d like to “hang out with” someone. Currently, the industry average of women in technical positions at major tech companies hovers at an estimated 18%. Additionally, in the U.S., black and hispanic computer science graduates are far less likely to go into tech jobs than their Asian and white counter-parts. Codeity seeks to address this issue through technology, and support the movement of nonprofits, corporations and startups working to find new practices for hiring a more diverse tech workforce.

For more information on AngelHack or Codeity, contact Kelsey Ruiz at (415) 754-0261, or email her at

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