Announcing the Master the Mainframe 2020 Winners!

Mainframes took center stage in 2020 as the annual Master the Mainframe (MTM) competition entered its 16th year. Students around the globe competed in three levels of mainframe challenges to win prizes, scholarships, and earn skills along with industry-recognized badges. Plus, for every level one finisher, IBM donated to the UN’s World Food Programme: ShareTheMeal, resulting in thousands of meals for children in need.

The creativity and level of skill were unmatched even during a pandemic year unlike any other. Students and groups utilized online classes, meetups, events like IBM Z Day and digital tools to connect, learn mainframe coding, and offer assistance to those new to IBM Z.

This year’s contest featured participants from over 129 countries including increased participation from countries like Tunisia which hosted an exciting online student event with record attendees, plus for the first time in MTM history, students from Mainland China participated in the competition. Other participating countries that topped the list include India, United Kingdom, Brazil, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and North America.

We’re thrilled to announce this year’s winners:

Grand Prize Winners

  • Pierre Jacquet
  • Adebisi Yusuf
  • Hartanto Ario Widjaya

Regional Winners

  • North America: Aaron Paterson, Melissa Christie
  • Latin America: Bruno Bega Harnik, Michael Almeida da Franca Monteiro
  • Asia Pacific: Hartanto Ario Widjaya, John Glen Falceso
  • European Union: Pierre Jacquet, Jens van der Eynden
  • India South Asia: Avishek Sen, Somesh Sarkar
  • Middle East Africa: Adebisi Yusuf, Farai Fnechz

Master the Mainframe introduces all participants to enterprise systems and inspires interest in IBM Z technology. Master the Mainframe is a fun way to get hands-on experience across a variety of technologies, to develop valuable skills, and to earn digital badges – with no prior knowledge required! Though the competition is over for the year, the system remains open year-round and the challenges are available for all ages and skill levels.

Run by AngelHack, a company leading innovation through hackathons, virtual competitions, accelerator programs, Meetups, and various developer initiatives, Master the Mainframe is sponsored by the IBM Z Academic Initiative, which provides IBM Z education and resources to students and educators around the world. By participating, students learn, prepare for careers, and get an opportunity to win prizes.

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