Bridging the Gender Gap With Haven On Demand

This fall, we took our Lady Problems Hackathon Series global, and we wanted to make sure we found partnerships with companies that truly aligned with our vision. We immediately turned to one of our favorite partners, HPE.




With their global partnership, we are making a lot of strides towards a more gender equitable environment in the tech space. Their company has been supporting women in technology initiatives for a while now so it just made sense.


They publish awesome content like this article about top women in IT and they also have some amazing women leading the charge for their company like Cat Graves, who was highlighted in an article last year about energizing young women to be technical superstars.  




Their involvement in our series is more than just a partnership, ‘cause they are also challenging our global community. Should you choose to utilize an HPE API in your project during one of our 20 events, you’re going to need to know the official challenge, so here it is:



Best use of HPE Haven OnDemand in any of the main Lady Problems challenges.


Pretty straightforward right? But we know you’re interested in their prize too. Yes making social change in the name of technology is awesome, but let’s be real. We want to get that carrot at the end of the stick. So without further adieu, the prize!



The winning team of this challenge will receive the following:

  •        Invitation to promote their app/solution and tell the world how they are tackling Lady Problems on the HPE Haven OnDemand blog and LinkedIn group, with promotion via various HPE social media channels.

All participating teams are also being invited to apply to participate in the Vertical Startup Accelerator, with participants benefiting from free/substantially discounted software access to help teams take their solutions to market with fewer technology barriers.


Chill people, we know it’s awesome.


It could all be yours. All you have to do is use one of their dozens of APIs in your project and you could win! Check out how easy they make it for you to learn how to use them; all you have to do is follow the quick start guide and you’re golden.


Here is a look into some of the great ideas put forward by the winning teams thus far:


Caraboo from London:  Using Clance psychology tests to test levels of imposter syndrome, the application sends out an alert to a loved one when the user has completed an achievement or milestone. The purpose of this project is to improve confidence levels and investigate possible correlation between women’s confidence and health issues.  


How awesome is that? Not only did they create an advanced user-friendly application, but it was created with the purpose of assessing and assisting women who may suffer from loss of confidence and underappreciation. Sounds like a good deal to me, way to go team!


Next up we have:


Pep’d from Sydney:  Analysis of the users’ written conversations through various social channels, allows Pep’d to detect issues such as depression, anxiety, confidence issues, and much more. Using the information gathered, Pep’d advises users on how to overcome these issues and work on their pathway to personal development.


Complex algorithms are used to help the user feel that assistance is only one step away. Once again, this team has used the power of coding to create a project aimed at improving personal health and confidence of the user.


Last but not least we have:


Ladybot from New York: A chat bot for supporting women in the workplace.


This chatbox is going to be used to support women in all corners of the workplace, from sending messages in time of need, to encouraging words to get through the finish line. Ladybot is going to allow for women to improve their confidence and self-esteem.


We’re proud to announce that these amazing projects came from talented individuals who aim to better society through tech innovations. Knowing that technology can be used to better society and personal health is a great thing, and we want to thank these teams, HPE, and all other participants! We’ll see you at the next #LadyProblems hackathon!