Calling all Developers! Time to use your tech powers for good!

So you’ve built an amazing compression algorithm that’ll change the way people search for music. Awesome! So what are you going to turn your skills towards now? How about leveraging tech to help people who were affected by the BP oil spill?

It’s hard to believe, but the BP oil spill was only four years ago. And yes, people and animals continue to be affected by it. It’s horrible. But now, you get to help out.

We’ve partnered with the RFK Young Leaders (a program of the RFK Center for Justice & Human Rights) to link talented and conscious developers like you with the people who need it. The Alliance Institute, an RFK-funded project that collects data on the communities affected by the oil spill, hopes to use this information to organize these communities more effectively, so they can react quicker and better to public health issues.

But here’s the kicker – while this has long been an ongoing project, the technology piece is newer. The Alliance Institute needs newer technology, and it needs to scan both local media and big datasets to identify trends and understand what health issues are affecting which areas.

That’s where you come in, Brooklyn hackers. If you come up with the best app to help Alliance collect this data, they will fly your entire team down to New Orleans, where you’ll get to work hand-in-hand with some of the affected Gulf communities, and see how you can make a direct difference.

So to all you Super Devs out there, be sure to sign up for AngelHack Brooklyn, and lend a helping hand to those around you.