Changing The Game With Women Who Code

We all know that the gender gap in the technology field is vastly unequal. If you are someone who is interested in closing that gap and making a difference, then Women Who Code is your go-to girl. Why? Because Women Who Code is making massive global strides to bridge that gap every day.


Since 2011, they have built a community of over 80,000 women all around the globe. With chapters in the United States, India, Spain, China, Mexico, and more, they are defining what it means to be an  industry leader for nonprofit gender equality in tech.


How do they work and what do they do? First off, they inspire future generations to grow and excel in the technology field. They’ve done this by providing a network of female role models for young women to look up to. Seeing is believing, and these folks have truly shown us how impactful their program is with their support of the #LadyProblems hackathon series


Need a job? They also have an amazing job board that is constantly being checked and updated. So it’s not like one of those job sites with listings that are months old.


The listings also include information regarding the position that is important to a woman in the workplace. These include extended maternity leave, unconscious bias training for employees, work from home opportunities, and mentor programs. So whether you’re a working mom or just want a job that is trusted to be a comfortable work environment, then check out the board.


We cannot promise that dogs will be present, but WWC also has truck loads of events every year that are hosted by the individual chapters in the twenty countries they have roots in. You can find these events on your cities meetup profile, or you can always hop onto the Women Who Code Calendar.


These events have a ton of sweet topics! Want to learn python? Hit up a community coding night. If you’re bored on a weeknight maybe your local chapter is viewing a movie. Some chapters often plan events that don’t include a computer such as hiking trips, or an exercise class.

This isn’t just a community of women that code. It’s a network of women who work in tech or want to work in tech, that are looking to build lasting relationships with fellow women in their field by doing fun and engaging activities.


So what are you waiting for? Be a part of Women Who Code’s goal to provide women with an avenue into tech, empower women with the skills for professional advancement, build a network of valued mentorship, and of course a global community of women that support each other regardless of where they live.


AngelHack is proud to be working with these folks during our #LadyProblems global series. Together we are truly changing the narrative behind the hashtag and creating innovative solutions that block female entrepreneurship.


So let’s saddle up ladies and start making the world of technology a more equal and diverse space.