Don’t Get Screwed by Your Car Dealer: Hack that Sh!t

Ok, so we know how much of a hassle it is to buy a car. Going to the dealership, getting a quote, negotiating a price, all while having to stare at a smile with a few too many teeth… damn, what a pain in the @ss!

This industry needs a shake up, we know that much. If only there was a way to hack that ish… I think you know where I’m going with this.

Ohh, to think what a talented developer can do with lots and lots of auto industry data. Well, no fear – if you haven’t seen what brings to the table, it’s time to get acquainted.

At the upcoming AngelHack Silicon Valley, you’ll have a chance to do just that, you lucky dog. Edmunds will be opening up their API, so you, awesome dev ninja can wow the crowd with your car superhero ways. Btw, if you build on Edmunds API you’ll have a chance at entering into their accelerator program to take that hack to the next level!

We’re talking big data here. From pricing history to service information and for every major car brand you can think of. And for those of you who love to solve UX challenges, just think about how you can streamline all this data, so the average joe can access it easily. Or your parents, friends, significant others… really, anyone you know who hates dealing with car salesmen. It’s time to take on the long standing challenges of buying a car, and make it simple for once. Enough is enough!

So, torque heads, now’s your chance. Sign up for AngelHack Silicon Valley, and show how you’re gonna save your buds a bunch of $$$ on their next used car!

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