Dude, Where’s My Data Center?

So, you’re a founder. Ok, we speak the same language. Well, don’t you hate it when you build and build, scale and scale, and then the moment hits where you’re like “dude, where’s my data center?” Good, so I’m not the only one.

Any company will eventually need a strategy and infrastructure to scale – hence, Data Center services. But they’re so expensive. Way out of the reach of most bootstrapped startups, anyway. Well, don’t fret. Data Center services giant Digital Realty is making heads spin with an awesome suite of services and they want you!

So, here’s the deal. Digital Realty is signing up applicants for their Accelerator program at digitalaccelerator.co. They’re looking for wide eyed dreamers who are using data and digital technology in awesome ways and who can put their amazing services to good use.

This is a big deal: it includes access to data plans, infrastructure, workspace, mentorship…all that good stuff. Did you hear what I just said? That’s a full year of Digital Realty services. That’s big savings you can use on a company ping pong table!….or ya know, important things like more staff, marketing, etc. But you gotta apply, and you gotta bring the goods!

Yeah, we know – pretty sweet. But first things first, go on over to digitalaccelerator.co and apply. Now get on it!