From the Olympic Games, To AngelHack’s 2015 Global Series: Athens

Athens, Greece.

The home of the first ever Olympic Games. And now, one of the first stops in AngelHack global series hackathon for 2015.

WE CANNOT WAIT to see the great talent that emerges from one of the oldest cities in the world.

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And of course, any and all Gods are welcome to come down from Olympia and check out our event. It’s gonna be a fun one.

You may be asking, why is AngelHack bringing their Series to Athens?

And yes, you don’t often hear about Greece’s tech scene. BUT, that doesn’t mean they don’t have one. And from what we’ve been observing, it’s growing and making some waves.

One awesome app developed in Greece that really floats our boat is Cookisto. If you’ve ever been to Greece, you know that their food is unfairly delicious. Seriously. It’s on another level.

The feta cheese! The salads! The meats! All delicious. And it’s even better when home-cooked.

That’s the idea behind this app. Neighbors make food (lots of it), and sell the left-overs! Eat great food and meet your neighbors. Genius! And a different way of approaching the common “food to-go” app.

That’s just one example. There are countless more! In a time when Greece is trying to turn around their economy, they seem to be turning to the startup world. And AngelHack can’t wait to see the hackers who will be the future of Greece in years to come.

Interested in attending the event in Athens?


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