Google Buys Appetas (another KICK A$$ AngelHack Grad)

We went from orange juice to mimosas this morning! Oh we have a reason to celebrate!! Can you say BEST..NEWS…EVER?!? No fellas, Scarlett Johansson did not move in next door (DAMMIT!), but it’s the next best thing (sorry Galaxy S5, lmao): Appetas, an AngelHack 2012 graduate, has just been acquired by Google!

The Appetas team hails from the awesome (if a bit rainy) city of Seattle, and stole the show at our 2012 competition (can you believe we were in only four cities that year? My, how we’ve grown!). They got a $25,000 prize, merely the first step towards eventually raising $120,000, before Google bought them for… hey, it’s a secret! But knowing Appetas, we know they got a great deal.

This means that Appetas itself will shut down, and be folded into the wide array of services we all know as “THE GOOGLE.” While we’re sad to see Appetas go, we’re so effin’ happy for the team for pulling such a phenomenal exit, and look forward to seeing what they’ll do with Google!

 Now, we know this makes you want to take YOUR idea and run with it! Well, now’s your chance. Here’s how YOU could become the next Appetas:

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