Hack The Hackathon – Cisco Live’s In-Depth Walkthrough of the Technologies you Need to Win our Hackathon

Hey, hackers! We’ve told you about the Cisco DevNet Hackathon coming up this month. You think enterprise is BORING?! Go home, brogrammers, you’re drunk! Enterprise is the final frontier, where all the cool kids are (Salesforce and Box lets us sit at their table, FYI), and where all the investors are. Yeah, we know you like funding. And we know you’ve got your eyes on that five grand prize.

That’s right, you can be ballin’ – and unlike Tom Cruise, you don’t need to be charming and good looking. Just smart #AF. You can win the hackathon, we know you can. You’ve never built an enterprise app before? Well… we’re gonna let you in on a secret!

You could take the blue pill, just hack like you normally do, and leave all that $$$ on the table. Or, you could take the red pill, join Cisco Live’s Webinar, and learn all about the technologies you need to win the hackathon.

So now what? Click here to sign up for the webinar, which will take place next Wednesday, May 14th, from 6-8pm (Pacific Time) – use the promo code “SmartAF” to attend for FREE . Then, once you win the hackathon, go out, pop bottles and dance your ass off. You’ve earned it.