Help San Francisco Small Businesses using the Apple Pay SDK for Chase

Source: Cargo Collective

San Franciscans love small business! We stand in line for hours on end to eat brunch at our favorite restaurants or get ice cream at Bi-Rite. We shop at Rainbow Grocery and weekly farmer’s markets for those nights we do stay in. We get our books from indie booksellers, our cake from local bakeries, and our beer from local breweries. We support local businesses by giving them a lot of our money.


Source: iDownloadBlog / Apple

And speaking of money – there’s another way you can use it to help these businesses. Mobile payments, you might have heard, are a thing these days. Some even say that cash and wallets will become obsolete, thanks to innovations like the recently-announced Apple Pay. You probably know where I’m going with this: you could use the Apple Pay SDK technology to help a small business leap into the future of payments.

Source: Fiserv

You’ll get a chance to do so at the Chase Paymentech Appathon, coming up November 8th. During this civic coding competition, 20 elite iOS developers will build a mobile payments solution for 10 Bay Area small businesses. You’ll get to leverage the power of both Chase’s financial network, and the newest Apple Pay technology. And best of all, you’ll be making a difference in the lives of your local, loved, small business owners.


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Small businesses are the startups of the non-tech world. So can we show them some love? Think about all the support your startup has gotten – now’s your chance to pay that forward. If you can wait in line for a burrito, you can help a small business succeed. And as a bonus, when the Apple Pay technology ends up taking over the world, you’ll be ahead of the game.

So don’t delay – sign up here before we fill up!