How to Build your Hackathon Dream Team

How to Build your Hackathon Dream Team



Putting together a team for your next Hackathon is an obvious but important step. When it comes to having a successful outcome at any Hackathon, having the right people on your team can have a huge effect on your final project demo. To create a successful “Dream Team” here are a few ideas to help jumpstart the process.

Whether you decide to attend alone or have a team already built, all ages, genders, and skill levels are welcome to come to a Hackathon. Based on your project idea, you can take advantage and have a full team, or work solo.

If you decide to join or come with a group, it is important to be surrounded by people you can easily get along with, but is also a diverse and very rounded team. This means, have a group of people that can each bring something different to the table without having clashing personalities that do not get along.


Don’t be afraid to come alone because some of the best teams have started out as all strangers who shared their ideas and created something amazing. Each team can have up to five people working on a project but there is always a chance that your skill sets will be the perfect fit with a particular group. You will have the opportunity to join a group when you arrive, or create a completely new group.


Whether you came alone or already with a team, it is always good to branch out and see if anyone else there is looking for a skill that you have or need. For example, if a team has a great group of developers, they could be looking for a designer to help give their project the helpful hand it needs. A successful Hackathon team would consist of at least one developer, designer, and “entrepreneur” or project manager.

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If you’re a developer looking to improve your skills, a student wanting to get a foot in the door, a serious designer, or an entrepreneur with a great idea, there is always a place for you to work.

If you find people you connect with and your ideas or personalities seem to click, you are more likely to succeed and come out with the ideal Hackathon “Dream Team.”