How to Contribute to Hacktoberfest 2021

October is a golden month for all the devs across the globe, as it brings us the much-awaited open-source celebration, Hacktoberfest. The month-long program is all about celebrating the spirit of open-source & turning projects into products. You can sign-up any time between 1st Oct’21 – 31st Oct’21 as a participant or a project maintainer for Hacktoberfest’21. There are certain standards you need to follow as a part of Hacktoberfest’21 find them here. Now, where to find the projects for contribution? Well, if that’s the case here are some of the repositories you can contribute to whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro.

Before diving into the project, I am assuming you have a basic knowledge of Git & GitHub and how things work there.

Beginner Friendly:

1. College Library Website: Open Source Project of College Library Website in which you can keep a record of all the books you have issued.
→ Tech Stack : HTML , CSS JavaScript.
→ Maintainer: Saurav Mukherjee

2. GWOC Repository: It’s a content repository. One can contribute to the repo in form of audio/video or documentation (.md file). 
→ Tech Stack: Miselccanours domains (Front-end, Back-end, DSA..etc).
→ Maintainer: GirlScript.

3. Awesome Portfolio Website: A community-maintained open-source project focused on creating a personal portfolio for academics, developers, and analysts simple & quick.
→ Tech Stack: HTML5 , CSS JavaScript.
→ Maintainer: Smaranjit Ghose

4. ByteWalk: It’s a social media photo-sharing website built on the Django Framework.
→ Tech Stack: HTML5, Django, CSS (Bootstrap4 + Custom CSS), AJAX
→ Maintainer: Hugo-Toha

5. Portfolio Website: It’s a Hugo theme for a personal portfolio website with minimalist design and responsiveness.
→ Tech Stack: HTML , CSS JavaScript.
→ Maintainer: Hugo-Toha


Apni-Dukaan: It’s a user-friendly E-commerce website
→ Tech Stack: HTML , CSS JavaScript.
→ Maintainer: Qazi Maaz Arshad

Bootstrap Component Library: This Repository has a different type of pre-built components like navigation bar, carousel, etc based on bootstrap.
→ Tech Stack: HTML , CSS Bootstrap.
→ Maintainer: Aritra Basu

Volt-BootStrap 5: Free and open source Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template with vanilla Javascript
→ Tech Stack: HTML ,JS SCSS
→ Maintainer: ThemesBerg

Choco Bar: The usual Snackbar with more 🍫 and colors 🎉. Inspired by Light.
→ Tech Stack: JAVA
→ Maintainer: Pradyuman Dixit

Next-SEO: Next SEO is a plug-in that makes managing your SEO easier in Next.js projects.
→ Tech Stack: JavaScript, TypeScript
→ Maintainer: Garmeeh


LinkFree: Open source alternative to LinkTree
→ Tech Stack: JavaScript, CSS, HTML , Dockerfile, Gherkin
→ Maintainer: EddueHub Community

Aina Bot: A discord bot.
→ Tech Stack: JAVA, Shell
→ Maintainer: Alphasian Hub

Fastlane: The easiest way to automate building and releasing your iOS and Android apps.
→ Tech Stack: Ruby, Swift, HTML, Objective-C, Java, Shell
→ Maintainer: Fastlane

Daily-Dozen-Dose: An android app that keeps track of the foods that Dr. Greger recommends in his NYT’s best-selling book, How Not to Die
→ Tech Stack: JAVA, Shell
→ Maintainer: Nutrition

Crate-Sample App: A JavaScript guestbook app with several different backend implementations, each using a different client library to communicate with CrateDB.
→ Tech Stack: Java, Erlang, Python, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS
→ Maintainer: