In the midst of a global forcing function

One way to view what we are all collectively experiencing as a multiplicative viral pandemic from a developer perspective is that we are in the midst of a global forcing function for the “future of work”. 

“Future of Work” technology is something that’s being embraced rapidly before like Zoom, Slack, Basecamp and the like, but the adoption for this now has increased by leaps and bounds. Developer interviews now are being done via, virtual coworking accountability is now being done via Focusmate while virtual coworkers are now in the Sococo platforms. 

What does that mean for DevC leads and communities? We should have more online meetups and adopt learning structures being used by online learning startups like Lambda School. Also, virtual hackathons will now become the norm rather than the exception. 

The emergent theme for these virtual hackathons would probably be on the next generation “future of work” toolchain as this becomes the new global reality for tech communities.


–Paul Pajo, Manilla Ambassador