InfoClot: Another Name to Look Out for at Global Demo Day

Some people are Jacks of all Trades, and some are Masters of One, but Ravi Suhag has proven himself as the Master of All since rising to the top at AngelHack’s Delhi hackathon this spring, and joining our HACKcelerator program.

As our HACKcelerator’s only one-man team, Ravi has caught the attention of many with his multi-functional web app, InfoClot. Info Clot is targeted at two key audiences; publishers and “content geeks,” as Ravi likes to call them.

For content geeks, the web app can track the user’s interests via Facebook and other social media outlets, and use data visualization to present information – relevant to the user’s interests – in a visually appealing and easy to read format.

On the flip side, publishers can use this app as a growth hacking tool to better target their audiences and create value from their archived content. With InfoClot, publishers can add widgets on their websites that recommend content to users, based on their interests. The app can also convert publishers’ content in API format – without coding! – so that developers can then use this API to build apps that will drive traffic directly to those publishers. Talk about cool.

When asked about the inspiration behind his project, Ravi expressed that he was trying to solve a problem that he, a self-described content geek, had often faced himself: the loss of relevant content due to the overwhelming amount of info publishers push out on a daily basis. Ravi very much believes in the “you’ve got a problem? SOLVE IT!” mindset, so he set out to create a product that would let him quickly leaf through his favorite websites, even if he’d been offline for days.

Ravi’s accomplishments don’t start nor end with InfoClot. His passion for entrepreneurship and coding started shortly after he graduated with a degree in electrical and computer engineering in 2012. He started his first company, Inspiration Edge, at age 21, around the same time he started learning to design and code. Obviously gifted, Ravi has since won every single hackathon he has participated in, truly proving himself as the Master of All. He is also currently a user interface and data visualization consultant for both Harvard University and the government of India.

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