Meet Cointr. The Winners of Masters of Code: Sydney

Lets set the stage, shall we?

The location: Sydney, Australia. The first stage of MasterCard’s Masters of Code, Powered by Angelhack.


The team: Cointr. Check out the team (Giovanni Ravone, Daniel Sempertegui, David Van Dugteren, Sergej Metelin) with MasterCard President of Australasia, Eddie Gobler.

The idea: The team got in the zone and created an app that can be described as a digital piggy bank that allows the user to save money by topping-up their coin change into their digital wallet in any MasterCard RePower enabled location.

They even used FIVE different APIs!

Aside from features you may expect from this type of app, like a great tracking feature to measure progress, there are a few others that really make Cointr special.

Picture this. You and some friends are planning on renting a beach house for your upcoming reunion in San Diego… Imagine having a tool for all of you to save together towards that common goal. Cointr can do it.

And if you and your friends miraculously over-save (if there is such a thing), Cointr also gives you the ability to easily make charitable donations or even make purchases.

Great idea, right? They really thought outside-of-the-box and impressed everyone.

 Screenshot (56)

So what’s next for Cointr? They’ll be flown out to Silicon Valley with the other winning teams from each region to compete in the finals and enjoy an awesome MasterCard Priceless Experience.


Want more on Masters of Code? Check out the site: