Meet MasterYourCard: Winners of Masters of Code: Hong Kong


MasterYourCode (1) Pictured above: Man Chun Kwok, Kam Ting Wan, Pui Yan Patience, Chun Ho Tommy Lau, Chun Yat David Tang

29 amazing ideas. One winner. And WOW, that was quite the competition.

But before we get to them, let’s talk about the runners-up.

The team behind Fundity created a micro-financing platform that allows easier and faster access to micro-loans.

Their incredible use of MasterCard APIs, mixed with some seriously nice UX/UI skills, gained them $500 USD per team member.

And now for our Regional Winners: MasterYourCard!  This team of five came together at the hackathon (not all of them knew each other before the weekend) to develop their idea into something explosive, and man did the judges love it.  Their project was a credit card for kids run by their parents to teach them about credit safety. Smart!

They’ll be heading to Silicon Valley later this year to compete against the winning teams from each city, including Cointr from Sydney.

We can’t wait to see what continues to come out of MasterCard’s Masters of Code. If the awesome commerce tech innovations we’ve seen so far are any indication, there’s bound to be some cool stuff coming soon.

Follow the action with the #MastersOfCode hashtag on Twitter. 

And check out the community on the AngelHack Asia Facebook group!