Meet The 19 Startups Pitching At AngelHack’s Global Demo Day ‘18

Meet The HACKcelerator Finalists Pitching at Global Demo Day 2018

These startups won their local AngelHack hackathon, went through the HACKcelerator program and are coming to wow the Bay Area startup community. 


This upcoming November 1st, the AngelHack team, investors and industry experts will come together at The Regency Centre in San Francisco for our annual Global Demo Day and Startup Bash (Tickets now available!). Our top startups have been chosen from our amazing cohort and will be showcasing their ideas after just 12 weeks! 


Los Angeles-based startup, Dime, is a digital sports league where basketball players are registered as Blockchain tokens that are unique, tradable and non-fungible financial assets. These assets grow and develop through tournament style leagues with Ether prizes.
The startup, Cropsafe, from Dublin developed an online platform using satellite imagery and machine learning to accurately detect and predict impending diseases and contamination within crops.

Spaceable from Beijing is interconnecting a global network that allows users to find or make workspaces, offering more flexibility and freedom in all of their locations with a simple subscription. 
Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 6.53.27 PM
NXTClick is a smart platform to bridge the gap between offline-ads and digital information using Computer Vision.
Atatwo_Santiago (1)
Atatwo is a new way to create an effective reward campaign based in a prepay system for small businesses. They use cryptocurrency to enable users to earn cash and use it for real products.
BlankMIA is a smart medical assistant that is a web and cloud based platform with IoT components and data analysis.
Group 33
Valiu is a platform that calculates the rate in real time and allows users to send money abroad, offering the best market rate using blockchain technology. 
From Cyprus, Helptab is a browser based donation platform using cryptomining to donate to a worthy cause.
Foundation is a modern power distribution and management system that provides an infrastructure for the development of Smart Villages. 
PlanMash is a smart wedding planning app which uses machine learning to suggest the most suitable wedding plan and wedding vendors based on couples’ profile. 
Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 7.02.03 PM
Shenzhen startup Maker+ is a mini-weChat app that enables designers to upload their designs onto products. Users will be able to purchase said designs through the app.
A geolocation Service to aid Alzheimer’s/Dementia patients and prevent them from getting lost.
A shareable blood bank, which ensures dogs can get a blood transfusion whenever it’s needed with lower costs for dog owners

OneArc is a service that provides users with up to date information about their area during an emergency and the ability to request help from people nearby.
Build up_jaipur
By using AR and VR, BuildUp gives users and builders perspective on projects being developed by visualizing the architecture and engineering. 
Austin startup Pigeon is an intelligent real time communication platform empowering business productivity and cross-language communication.
Tatafo. Lagos1
All the way from Lagos, startup Tatafo is anAI chatbot that provides instant access to resources and information needed for a student to succeed on campus.
dancebattle_SanFrancisco (1)
DanceBattle platform uses AI to create a community of users competing in dance battles. 
SecureBase from Dubai gives its users the power to secure their own IOT devices and protect their data.